Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Caardvarks Celebrating Core'dinations Monochromatic Challenge

What a way to celebrate the multiple capabilities of Core'dinations paper! I could not resist Caardvarks latest monochromatic challenge. Monochromatic schemes are a good way to stretch the creative and imaginative skills, plus they are beautiful.

As I was going through the Core'dinations that I have left, the color choice came down to the lilacs/purples and the turquoises. Since I have recently been preparing for a class using purples, I wanted a change of color and went with the turquoise. Turquoise is a bright and cheerful color It makes think of the tropical waters and ocean breezes which brings a happy, calm feeling.

What kind of a card to make though? I found the perfect sentiment in PTI's Signature Greetings - "Hope Your Day Is FABULOUS". So here is the card -

There is no pink on the card. What you see is the reflection from the pink matt. I have to get a white setting to take photos with.

I used a Cuttlebug folder, for which I could not find the name for, to emboss the darker turquoise paper and sanded it to expose the nearly white color beneath, placing the tiniest pale green pearls in the centers of the flowers. When looking at the card it looks like I sewed or stitch on the turquoise paper layers. Nope...I paper pierced, about 1/8" from the edge of the paper, all the way around. I then used a white gel pen to connect the holes or dots if you will, making it look like it was sewn on. I used Spellbinders Labels One and Pendants Lattice. After embossing them, I again took a sanding block and sanded the raised embossed surface exposing the light paper beneath.

I tried to get a good close up of the details with out much success. This is the best one of the bunch and it isn't nearly as close as I would like it to be. **Just click on the pic to zoom in.

The many layers of the card is created by using dimensional tape ( or you can use pop dots). The pearls were fun to place on. My only wish is that had a slightly narrower ribbon. I had the choice this one or one of nearly the same color in 1/4" wide. I ended up choosing this wider one even though it may too wide, but it would look better than the narrow ribbon. Unfortunately this wide ribbon covers up a lot of the beautiful sanded embossed surface and the tiny little pearls. But overall, the card is beautiful, don't you think?

By the way, for any of you out there that read our blog entries, we were talking about how much we wish you would leave comments on our postings. You can say negative things/constructive criticism, we don't mind, because if you have suggestions on how we can improve our designs and such, we welcome it. Plus, it lets us know that you are viewing our postings. So don't be shy, it only takes a minute. Thanks to all our viewers and followers.


Tasha said...

Wow this is so beautiful! I love the colours you worked with and the ribbon is gorgeous
love tasha xx

Amy said...

So lovely!! I really like how you have threaded that YUMMY ribbon through the pendant cut. Thanks for joining us at Caardvarks!!

Lydia said...

This is beautiful, love the cut outs the fantastic texture and the fantastic bow, Great card!

Jessica said...

What a fabulous design, TFS :)

Laura.K said...

Wow. That ribbon is gorgeous. And your card has some many lovely details.

kksb said...

Wow! Yes another wow. Your card is BEAUTIFUL!!!
Your faux sewing rocks. If you hadn't said you used a pen I never would have guessed. You are good.

Lara Mosby said...

I really like the faux stitches too. My sewing machine needs adjustment, it just makes a tangled mess. I could paper pierce like you did... or take all the thread out of the machine until the tension is adjusted, "sew" without thread and then join the holes. Thanks for a pretty card and inspiring me to try something new.