Friday, April 16, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Whew, after this project, I definitely have some pearls of wisdom to share in regards to using Glimmer Mist!

First, use painter's tape to hold your card to your workspace AND also rolled up under each of the corners inside the card to keep the portion you're working on from curling up with the moisture! Second, Glimmer Mist will stain your clothes (not firsthand knowledge) and fingers (definitely firsthand knowledge!) so be prepared!

I used the colors and inks below for this project:

I stamped a sentiment from Mother onto vellum using Memento Dandelion, only to discover that light colors don't work well for that purpose on vellum! Duh! So I restamped it in Pearlescent Purple, which was more visible but, unfortunately, crooked and not well lined up with the previous ink. Oh well. The strips of glitter were done with 1/8" ScorTape and my mother's Cool Highlight Glitter Ritz. I DO NOT like working with Glitter Ritz (I've tried a few times now)...

Anyway, card turned out alright regardless of my amateur methods.

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