Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Color Cue #2 Challenge: Sabrina (#2)

Well I tried to enter a second entry for the Color Cue #2 Challenge because I wasn't too happy with my first entry for this challenge. However, I missed the deadline by 6 minutes! Rats. Oh well. Here it is for you to view and compare.
Better, don't you think? Simplicity usually looks better. You know the saying, "Less is more".
Here is a close up. I decided while I was making this card for the challenge, that I might as well make a card for someone I need to give a card to. That would be for my twin sisters' birthday coming up in June. So this is one of them. I remembered that I had leaves that were almost the same colour as the teal paper I used, and they have bright pink tips too! That brought to mind the flowers, and the pale yellow button brads. Sometimes it is just amazing how some projects just come together.
After I completed the card, my daughter, Dana, suggested that some flourishes coming from behind the flowers and leaves whould have been nice. It may have been, but tonight I think I like the plainess and the amount of white showing. I wonder what I will think about it tomorrow or some time later? The faux stitching turned out well. I wasn't sure about using a white gel pen on white paper, but it worked!
I started another one using the same colours for this challenge. I will post it later as I haven't quite finished it. Well, I still will try for more challenges, and hopefully make the deadline on the next one.

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