Thursday, April 8, 2010

Little Miracles

Another Scrapbookers Paradise class that I taught Tuesday, April 6th. This is the photo that was taken by Scrapbookers for the store advertisement of this class. I will take some individual and close up photos and add them in later.

I call these 'display cards'. I don't know if there is a title or label out there for such a thing, but, because the left side is like a card that you can write in, and because the right side is displaying a photo, birth info, and a quote, it is something like a display announcing the birth.

When it is to be put away, two things can be done to display it in a different format. You can adhere it to a 12" by 12" paper and add elements and photos and then either display it in a 12" by 12" framed shadow box, or on a scrapbook page.

I will be adding more information such as a scoring/folding/cutting illustration, and about tools and such,once I get the individual photos added to this posting.

ADDED Sunday, April 18, 2010

As promised here are the individual and close up photos of this project.

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Stefnaie said...

You have a gift Sabrina :) I love how both of these turned out!