Sunday, April 4, 2010

You Stand Out!

I was finally able to try the masking technique on this stamped card for Father's Day.

My dad is a very exuberant character and I wanted a card as unique as he is. I stamped several trees (Father Knows Best stamp set) on scrap cardstock and then cut them out to use as masks. Labor intensive, yes, but I felt the end result was worth it. I then stamped the "forest" background using pale chalk inks.

The borders are self-adhesive but I can't recall the brand or series.

For the popped out tree, I stamped the outline first (easiest this way!) and then the colors using more vivid colors on white cardstock. To add a little more zing, I colored over the leaves with a green Spica.

I had my mom (Sabrina on this blog) print out "You Stand Out" which I notched on each side and added some individually stamped leaves and a handwritten exclamation mark.

The final touch was adding some vintage jute twine...

Happy Father's Day, Dad!

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