Thursday, March 7, 2013

Desk Top Set - Pencil Box

-Find out about the two mistakes I made, one that forced me to have to start from scratch all over again.

The hic-ups in creating this box has me wanting to make more of this kind of box. I guess I have to know that I can do it without any mishaps. But I also love this box!

In this photo you may see the extra large base lip in front compared to the side ones. Well this was my second mistake in the construction of this box. But, because I already had to start over from scratch a second time for this one, I wasn't about to go for a third time, so I just left it. I thought it actually would work as a ledge to place a pen or pencil on if you didn't want to open up the box and put it inside.

What happened is that in constructing the box a reached for the wrong piece of chipboard that somehow had found it's way into the pieces for the box, while the correct one was missing. Another thing that went wrong is that I had worked hard to place the magnets under the paper so they would be hidden. Well with the thicker cardstock and the magnets being smaller than was needed, they didn't work so I had to place another set on the exterior so that it would work.

Here are a few more photos.

OK, now for the first mistake story that had me starting all over again. You remember in my last post I mentioned that the inspiration for this box and yesterday's box came form those lovely boxes you see at Michael's, and that they are constructed in two sections or parts; as basic box and a part that wraps around creating the lip and the lid and magnetic held flap. So that would mean that there are four pieces to creating that wrap. Well as I completed my piece to wrap around the basic box and admiring the beautiful workmanship of it, I saw a piece of chipboard lying just off to the side labeled "lid". I again looked at what I had been admiring in my hands and saw that there were only three sections to the part that was wrap around four sides. I litterly burst out laughing thinking "That's what pride gives you".

I thought I could carefully peel off the paper to use the chipboard pieces again, but when you use 1/2" Scor Tape, that's impossible. So I had to start all over from scratch. Now you know why when I saw my second mistake with using the wrong piece and ending up with a larger base lip, I just left it. I didn't laugh that time.

I thought I would share this with you just to let you know that I join the club in making crafting mistakes and sometimes I get a laugh out of it and other times frustration. But somehow, it all works out OK.

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