Sunday, March 24, 2013

I'm Taking Classes With Julie Dinn!

-I'm having so much fun taking classes instead of teaching them, and learning some great new things!

I've always wanted Copics since my daughter Dana has them. While still in Calgary, I was able to use hers on occasion. But upon moving to Victoria a couple of years ago, I made due with water colour pencils, colour pencils, and even my ink pads to colour images with. Needless to say, I didn't do it often.

The opportunity came to Scrapbook Parade, where I currently teach classes, to have the new Spectrum Noir markers. Boy, was I ever excited over that! Then to top it off, Scrapbook Parade was able to have Julie Dinn, a designer from My Favorite Things, who recently moved to Victoria, teach some classes. And guess what class she is teaching? Right! Spectrum Noir!

I just had to take these classes. So Julie designed some really great cards for those of us taking the class. I can hardly wait for the next one and complete the whole series of classes, because then I can use and colour with them in my classes too!

So, bear with me as I share with you my first colouring samples. We had a practice sheet with the three stamps we'd be using in the class. I coloured all three practice ones before proceeding with my actual card ones. These are they.

Here are the actual cards I completed.

This Water Lily stamp is from MFT Inspired By Flowers 3. With each class we purchase two sets with six marker in each. So, for this first class we had the pinks set and the greens. So those were the only markers we had to colour our images with.

Julie loves to beautify the inside of her cards too, so we did in class as well. I rarely do that, because of time. But it is really nice to open the card and see it all pretty inside.

The next card is using the MFT Inspired By Flower set 4. A daisy. I decided to experiment more with the colours and made mine brighter and darker like a Gerber daisy.

I think I have to check to see if I accidentally turned off my "shaky hand" button on my camera.

And the inside to this card...

And the last card is using the Poppy from the MFT Inspire By Flower set 3 stamps. That's the same poppy for the card I posted yesterday for the Colour Series - Bold Red card class.

you'll note that it is lighter than the practice one I coloured. In class everyone coloured theirs more like this light pink. I didn't stop to think at the time that the reason it was a lighter pink was that it went well with the cardstock accent colour on the card mats. I wanted to see if I could get mine closer to red using the pinks when I made my practice one. It wasn't till then that I realized it would look as good. So when I made the one for the card I lightened it to match better with the paper.

Well thank you for sharing with me my first Spectrum Noir colouring class. I'll post the others as I take the classes.

Happy Crafting!

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