Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Desk Top Set - Scrap Paper Note Keeper

-A great way to use up scrap paper is to make 4" x 4" squares for writing quick notes or lists. This box is made with that in mind.

This box, and the pencil box which I'll post about tomorrow, was inspired by all those lovely boxes you see at Micheal's. Upon close inspection of a couple, I new that I could make these myself for much less in cost.

These boxes I referred to earlier from Michael's showed me that there was a basic box constructed with a separate part that wrapped around the basic box that was attached inside. I hope that you can see that in these photos.

It was in the completion of this box that I saw all the white core of the paper and realized I should have used Tim Holt's Distress ink pad in Milled Lavender to ink the edges of the paper so it would show so much.

Tomorrow, the 'Pencil Box'. I have a confession to make about that box too, so stop by to see what mistake made me have to start all over again. See you tomorrow and happy crafting!

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Dana Nelson said...

Love it! Great idea!