Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cards I Love!

One thing that all aspiring creators do is search the web for ideas and inspiration. I got the following card pics from one of my fav blogs: {capture the moment}.

This card was created in anticipation of, obviously, Valentine's Day.

And I love this part of a different card:

And this card is adorable!

So is this card part!

I'm actually really surprised how in love I am with the cards using their furniture stamp set:

I'm partial to topiaries...

I love this 3D effect!

This is a totally sweet idea!!

I love this vellum flower!

This is simple, yet gorgeous!

I love the subtle background on this (same link as above)!

I love the petal edges in this (same link as above)!

This ribbon through the side is SO cool!

The following is from the blog of another designer:

I think this card is too wide (too much stuff on the left) but what I love about the card is the strips of glitter! I know exactly how I could do the same. I also love that the sentiment could be similarly replicated using handwriting with a VersaMark pen!

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