While I Am Away...BuJo 10

With me traveling and spending time with family, I decided my usual weekly layout was not going to work too well. I also knew that I would be very busy with family and probably would not write as much on a daily basis as I did for January. So I figured that I would need to change all that. I decided to create daily pages that combined some of the weekly features such as the food tracker, gratitude tracker, spending tracker, and a smaller journaling portion on the page. And since I would be able to print 2 x 3 photos on my Sprocket, I could add a photo of the day kind of thing. That is why I left a blank corner in my daily layout. I even left a blank box next to the date, to doodle in the weather of the day.

Did you notice the little birthday cake doodle in the second layout? That is my symbol that it is someone's birthday, and I can go check the yearly birthday spread to find out who's it is if I have forgotten. You can see that I am showing you the layout twice. That is because I decided to use yellow date banners and peach box fills for now week, and reverse the colours for the following week. I loved adding the flower doodles here and there, too.

So when I get back from my trip I will evaluate if this setup worked for traveling or not, so that the next time I go somewhere for a few days, I will know what worked and set it up accordingly.See you tomorrow for a little more on my Bullet Journal set up for the month of February.

Happy Creating!

  • Pigma Micron Black 03 & 05
  • Tombow Markers

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