While I Am Away...BuJo 5

Welcome back for a look at my weekly BuJo set up. Just FYI, these photos are from different weeks.

First off, I wanted to include the three categories that apply in my life; work, home/personal, & church. I am not showing you my first weekly layout, as it was not quite what worked for me. However, what you will see, is a slight adaptation of what I had before. The change is the "dutch door" I created. a dutch door in the Bullet Journaling world, is where you with cut a part of the page or fold it in half. In my case I liked the look of the folded page. It was easier too. The only draw back, however, is the thickness created close to the spine of the journal with those folded pages. I may have to cut them after all, just to keep the bilk down a bit.

\What I like about the "dutch door" is that I no longer have to set up the dates on the next page because when you flip the dutch for you can still see the dates from the first page!

I wanted to include the weather every day, so I created the triangle by the date to include that. I am glad that I made separate sections for Work, Home/Personal, & Church. I can keep it separate, but have it together on the same day. Works great for me.

When you flip the dutch door, you can access a notes sections and reveal the food & water tracker, along with the gratitude column. Love these all. Even though I still struggle some days with the amount of water I drink, I am more aware of it and therefore am doing better than I did before the tracker. I also love the 'gratitude' column! It has made such a difference in my life. I will keep doing all of these.

When you flip the page (different week seen here), I included "learned something new today" section. I am surprised at the end of each day, of the little new things I learn. Love doing this as well. you may not, as it does take additional time to not only create but to write in everyday.

Also included is my Weekly Expense section usually accompanied by a small Meme printed sticker. I love quotes and the inspiration they can be. By keeping track of the money you spend, you can see where the dollars go! Helps me to think twice, most of the time, before spending even a dollar.

Well, one more January weekly post, and then I can show you my February set up!

Thank you for checking in again today! Hugs to everyone.

  • Pigma Micron Black 03 & 05
  • Tombow Markers
  • Avery Sticker Sheets

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