While I am Away...BuJo 3

Welcome back! Want to see what else I did in my BuJo? Well today we are looking at looking to the future of 2018 again. As you all know I teach classes so I decided I wanted to include my work schedule in my BuJo. Some people have a separate BuJo for home, work, health, etc. I decided I wanted to have it all in one even though it would use up more pages my BuJo. I also thought it would be nice to see years later how everything affected my life and are linked together in what makes me, me!

So, here is one of the spreads for the year. When I created this, I thought that I would get a whole year into the journal. Boy, was I wrong! No matter, thought, because t his is a great help to me. I think next time I will just include two quarters to glance ahead at, because as it turns out, I am only going to get two months into my BuJo! This is working well for me though, and I refer to it often. Especially if I do not have my iPad handy.

Oh, I forgot to mention that using Post-It-Notes is a great tool in Bullet Journaling, and not just for masking, but to make notes that can be removed. Some people put them into their BuJos to make their shopping lists and then take them out when they go shopping!

This next spread, the "Future Log" is important to me, but not enough space to get all future things into it or add to it.  So for my next one I think I will just include 4 months in the layout so that I can have more space, and reconfigure it to work better. But it is where I can include further events that include classes, meeting, birthdays, etc. this way I can quickly see what is coming up and include some things in my monthly and weekly spreads/plans.

And, the final spread you see here, are my 2018 goals!  I have seen many different layouts for this, and choose to use some of the categories I have seen while searching and learning more about bullet journaling. I added a couple of my own categories as well.

As this is good, and encourages me to look at it every month as I plan more details in accomplishing these goals, I will continue to include this in my BuJos, but will make a few changes in the break down of these goals for each month. You see what I mean later when I post the month goal spread.

Here I masked the Meme sticker I printed and stamped the Stamping' up "Birthday Blooms" stamp again. This time I coloured it as I did the "Hello 2018" image.

That you for stopping by again. hope you are enjoying the look at my first Bullet Journal so far. Check in tomorrow for some more, and feel free to ask questions. I may not be able to answer them until I get back though...

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