While I Am Away...BuJo 4

Glad to see that you are checking in to see more of my Bullet Journal. Today we finally get to my first monthly section, in other word January set up. I am a religious person, so you will see a lot of relies themed quotes in my BuJo. I started January with this page Meme sticker that I printed. And I started by using the colours in the image.

I used to do calligraphy in my late teens and early 20's but never really kept it up, and you can tell in my lettering. But I am still having fun with it and enjoying it.

Looks like I forgot to take a photo of my January Calendar. There isn't time to take it now and edited it to include in this post, as I am just hours away from leaving when I write this. But I will include the one I created for February in a later post.

Here in the next photo I have two of 4 pages that I created as Project Spreads. These are classes that I worked on during the month for  future March classes. If I need to check up on anything, I can turn to these pages. I do have another notebook that I use while creating my class samples with sketches, measurements, and notes (some of which are included here), but it is not always neat, and I include only what I need to refer to in the future.

I even purchased for myself a Sprocket printer so that I can include small photos (3" x 2") or cut them us as I did here. After these layouts, I decided to make my February ones just little different. You will see these in a future post.

Next, I have my "Habit Tracker". I included on the list of habits, things that I want to work on from my goals. I also included tracking my water intake, the hours of sleep I get, my back pain levels and anxiety levels.

You can see that there are some things that I still have not done, others more sporadic, and some I doing well in. What I like about trackers is that even if you do not do something all the time, you can still see that you are doing OK. I used to get upset with myself when I missed doing something in a day or a week, but when you can see how much you are doing any way. you do not feel too bad, and see where you need to work harder, without getting upset at yourself.

I will be changing my Habit tracker just a little for February, but not leaving out anything that is part of my goals.

So, have you been looking in Bullet Journaling now? Are you curious and researching it a bit now?

Be sure to visit again tomorrow as we will be getting into my weekly spreads.

Have a great day everyone!

  • Pigma Micron Black 03 & 05
  • Tombow Markers
  • Avery Sticker sheets (printed Memes)
  • Sprocket printer

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