While I Am Away...BuJo 12

Welcome back for more bullet journaling stuff. For those of you that are waiting for more card making posts, this will be the last BuJo post, but I am afraid it will be a while before the next card making post will be up. I have to make some new class samples first.

As I mentioned yesterday, these photos are the 'back to regular routine' weekly layout for the 8th week of the year. Done the same as before, but has the added floral doodles. Have to think what kind of doodles, sketching, or even stamping that I will do for the month of March. That is fast approaching!

You can tell that these pages are not quite completed, but are ready enough for you to see the idea of the layout.

I am writing this last post here in Calgary a couple of days before this post is scheduled, and I want to mention something that I discovered about my bullet journal. When I went to order my bullet journal I made sure that I looked for certain recommended things for a bujo notebook. But the one I got is starting to come apart. The front cover has separated from the main part of the notebook exposing the spine. I do not believe I have mishandled my bujo, even with the travelling, so perhaps getting one that was cheaper than others may make a difference.

I have watched videos where bullet journalers have compared notebooks and chosen the ones they felt where best. A lot of them really like and use the Leuchtturm journals but find there is a bit of ghosting. So after testing them out many like the 'Scribbles that Matter' notebooks over the Leuchttrum, and then next the 'Dingbats' journals over the Leuchttrum notebooks. So, before leaving for Alberta I did not have much success finding a 'Scribbles that Matter' notebook, but did find I could order 'Dingbats'. So, I ordered two that should be home when I arrive. When February comes to a close, I will need a new one to migrate/transfer to.

Thank you for coming here to check out something that is not card or paper crafting related. I just thought you might like to see something rather than nothing for a few weeks. And, it is still creative in a different way.

If you are still interested in see future bullet journal posts any way, just make a comment below, and I will see about adding some here and there. This will be my last post for a few days, but hopefully in 10 days or so I will have something new to share with you.

In the mean time Happy Creating! And thank you for coming to this blog to check things out.

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