While I Am Away...BuJo 6

Ready for more? More Bullet Journaling? Yesterday was a post about some of my weekly set up. I also like to write in a journal. I have times in my life when I was very faithful with that, and then years where I did not keep a journal. I decided that not only do I like to write down thoughts and happenings, but they are so interesting to go back to. So why not include a page for each day to journal? Sometimes I use less than a page, and other times a little more, but I do leave 7 pages for journaling at the end of my weekly spread.

Just a simple heading for the day, and sometimes I will include a printed Quote Meme stick, or other time a photos I took that day and print it on my Sprocket so that it is small enough to include on the page.

Half way through my weekly spreads for January, I decided to include this spread, as well as an itinerary (which I will not include in the photos). Even thous you can see what I wrote on my lists, I think you can see that I made two columns of circle bullets to fill in. One for when I pack to leave, and one for when I pack to return home so that I do not leave anything behind in Alberta.

 Well, that is it for the month of January. Tomorrow you will start to see my February spreads. Because I will be away for a while, I created my pages differently for that period of time. More of a daily layout. So be sure to stop by. I even did some doodling on the pages, which really brightened them up.

Have a great day everyone!

  • Pigma Micron Black 03
  • Washi tape
  • Tombow Markers

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