While I Am Away...BuJo 7

Hope you are enjoying my series on my Bullet Journal while I am away. Yesterday I said we would begin with February. But, before we can do that it is good to review your bullet journaling experience over the last month, and determine what worked well for you, what did not work well, and if any changes need to made to your spreads and layouts. Not every bullet journal actually makes a spread for that, but the few that have, I realized that to be productive and to achieve your gaols, this is a good thing to do.

So this is my January Review Page. I have penciled some thoughts along the way, but will not be filling it out until I and at the airport on the 1st or on the plane. But you can see what I have done so far.

And here, just like in January, I have my "Hello February" spread that includes a printed quote Meme sticker and some flower doodling for the month. I decided to not include hearts or red or pink. I went with the happy colours of yellow and peach with at touch of pink and blue here and there.

So before I can get into the weekly/daily plans and routine, I need to take care of some monthly things; like the calendar.  I did not show you one for January, but here is February's continuing with the flower doodles. I did not do the lettering. I decided to see what I could do on the compute using some of the lovely fonts available there and my printable sticker sheets! While I was at it, I printed 'February' in different sizes using them throughout the month's set up. Since I did not want to wast sticker paper, I printed for March and April as well using different fonts. Looking forward touring them too. I also decided to not only include the next morn in miniature, but the next two. I find this very helpful when planning ahead in my notes sections.

Of course, if I want to keep my goals, I need to set up for what I can do in February to help achieve them. This is the set up I decided to try out and see if it would work for me.

Not only do I se the goal for each category, but link it to an oval that has some steps I can take in February to accomplish my yearly goals. I haven't completed it yet, and hope to do so while at the airport on the 1st.

Well that is it for today. Tomorrow we will check out some more monthly spreads.

Hope you are enjoying the tour! Take car everyone!

  • Pigma Micron Black 03 & 05
  • Tombow Markers
  • Avery Sticker Sheets

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