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My 2010 Favorites: Sabrina

Choosing my favorites turned out to be a challenge, only because there was so much to go through. With my memory getting older it doesn't work as well as it used to, so I had to go through my postings to refresh my memory on the projects made this year. A good thing too! Because, some of my favs I had forgotten about! I tried real hard to keep the list small, but when you've made 100s of projects its get difficult to keep the list of favorites short. So here they are.

Little Miracles - A class that I taught in April. This was such a fun project and is still close to my heart.
See original posting here


Birthday Wishes - My Dad's 77th Birthday card
This may look like a very simple card, but it wasn't. It was, I believe, the first time I used UTEE. First of all, creating a masculine card can be slightly more thought-provoking in it's creation. If you look in the background, you see that paper that I used to cut out the medallion. That was challenging. Then the layers of UTEE - well that took patience.
I was very proud of the outcome, and happy that my Dad loved it!
See original posting here.
I do have some other masculine favorites, but I will keep it to this one.

Julia's 8th Birthday - A special Birthday
Of course this would be a favorite since it was featured on OCC's Weekly Sketch blog! This was also my first circle card.

I also made a card box to place the card into it. This you can all see on the original posting, here.

Card Boxes
Since I just mentioned making a card box, now would be a good time to say that making them is another favorite of mine. My Mom loved the idea and at one point asked me to make her some for her friends.

To read up more on them, check out the original posting, here.

Monochromatic Caardvarks Challenge  

I really loved this card. I hung on to it for 4 months before I could part with it. As followers will recall I participated in a craft sale at the end of August, and I decided it was time to part with it and sell it. I had to make a card box for this card as well since it was non-mailable. Unfortunately I didn't get a photo of the accompanying box, but I did sell the card and box for a whopping $12.00! View details here.

Bright, Cheerful & Girly
Originally I had made six of these cards, three of which were for my older granddaughters. Each had a slight variation to them, like either the ribbon used, or the tags I attached, or the color of the jewels. But so many people that saw them loved them so much I made six more, all the same, for the August craft sale. Of the nine cards that were extras, I only have one left! Click here to view original posting.

Because of the Paper
Sometimes it's the paper that makes it your favorite! That is the case for many of my favorites; this is once of them. Just so that you know, however, I do like the layout of the challenge this one was entered for as well. This card I gave to Dana once here maternity leave was over and she was going back to work. Click here for posting details.

Another Paper Favorite - Dana's Birthday Card

This is also a favorite design for me! The gold embossed flourish/leaves and two layered paper cutout, are on the inside of the card. The note to Dana, inside, was done with a gold ink pen. I think that this card is very close to the top of my favorite list. I just want to say, "Thank You, Dana, for all your help, encouragement, and love". For further card details, click here.
It is interesting to note that these last two cards, using some of my favorite papers, are all s.e.i. papers! There are a few s.e.i paper cards that I just love, but I won't be posting them on this favorites post.

My Granddaughter
This one is a favorite because of the fond memory of making it together with my three year old granddaughter sitting on my lap and helping me put together this scrap card.
To read about this CAS creation with Averi, click here.

Vintage Gold Butterfly
This one is close to the top of my favorites list. A lot of ink blending and gold heat embossing on this card. Yet, despite all the gold flourishes it is a CAS card. To me is speaks simple vintage elegance. I made four of these cards, and I believe they are all sold. I should check to see if I still have one left.
To view other photos and read the details, click here.

Christmas - Gray-blue Snowflake
This is one of the cards that I taught how to make in a class. We started with just plain blue/gray cardstock. There is ink blending, ink spaying with a toothbrush,and stamping. To read details, click here.

Christmas - 2S4Y Challenge - Cream & Gold
This one was not only a challenge submission, but I also made myself a challenge to use the sketch but to add a unsuspecting surprise to it. That added goal made it quite a challenge to put together once I decided on a concept.
You may want to check out the posting to find out what the surprise is.

Scrapbook Page Favorites

Christmas Traditions - A Love of Good Music; Especially Christmas Music
This is a recently posted item that you can read about here and here.

Spanish Old World & Wealth Christmas
This page took me about 5 1/2 to 6 hours. I know, you think I'm crazy! But I loved working on the details of this page. And I don't call it a favorite just because my Mom called me up when she saw the posting to tell me she thought it was my best work yet. I'm not sure why , but I love the Spanish Old World flavor of this page.
To view the details check out this posting.

Encouragement - My Two Older Children Now In Their 30's
Hope that you're not embarrassed, Dana; just remember you have such pictures of your children too, and you'll love those pictures more when they've grown up just as you have.I did my journaling on this page as a border around it.
For more details check out the posting here.

Brother & Sister Moments - They Grow Up SO Fast!
Brothers and sisters do tend to bicker, complain, and fight a little, but the did have their happy and loving moments together too. (I actually haven't finished this double page layout, but it is still a favorite with all the rings. See details here.

Well, these are my favorites from this year's creations. Check in on the 29th to see my favorites of the other two ATC members, Dana and Stefanie..


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