Sunday, December 26, 2010

Best of 2010: Dana

My mom, Sabrina, came up with the idea of picking our favorite personal cards of the year... Fabulous! Every crafter has duds and every crafter has epiphanies. So here are my favs:

I love how vintagey this turned out! Well, rustic, anyway. I can do rustic but have issues with vintage. The texture in RL (real life) is perfect! The original post is here.

I love how GIRLY this turned out! Beautiful details, if I do say so myself. Original post here.

Check out this bad boy! Lots of effort and detail with fabulous results! Original post here.

Lovely colors and detail, though a pain to mail... ;) Original post here.

Pretty, pretty! At least to me. ;) Original post here.

This card turned out fabulous! A fun background and plenty of texture on the front. Very fun! Original post here.

This card was made using a design sketch challenge and a color combo challenge. I loved how it turned out! Original post here.

The photo even turned out well on this one! I thought this was super fun with the plastic mesh and embroidery thread strings. Sometimes, I amaze myself! ;) Original post here.

A duo of cards that are a conglomerate of ideas from others! The talent of others never ceases to amaze me! Fun and simple, distress-y cards! Original post here.

I'm still proud of this one... Simple, yet beautiful and elegant. Original post here.

 I'm still in awe of this one! It looks so... DESIGNER! Ah, my heart! Original post here.

There's a few more I like but nothing extraordinary. Thanks for taking a walk down memory lane with me!


Krista said...

LOVE the compilation of fav cards! several of those will be going into my inspiration file!

Lynn said...

Thanks for sharing these..since I am newer to your blog I hadn't seen a lot of these and i didn't realize Sabrina was your mom. How fun that you do this together. Really love the second one but they are all AMazing!