Wednesday, May 5, 2010

'Mother Dear' - A Previous Scrapbookers Class

I've been busy and haven't posted this class project as soon after the class we had on April 22 as I would have liked to. This project includes two very different cards for Mothers Day. The Bird card, a more traditional card however, is much too thick to fit into a regular card envelope, so I created one of the card boxes that you've seen on an older posting.

For this Mothers Day card I thought to use the larger bird to represent "Mom" and the small bird to represent the giver of the card - the child. (No matter how old we get, we still are our Mom's child)

I used Spellbinders Labels One, Labels Four, and Bird shapes. The Labels One pieces I cut in half and spread them apart just enough so that they would be seen from behind the Labels Four cuts.

The next card is a combination card and mini album created from two 10 1/2" circles.

The text print flowers are created from the pages of a child's storybook using Spellbinders Scalloped circles. Layer about 5 or 6 together, pierce in center with a paper piercer and insert a small/tiny brad. Taking each layer one at a time bunch up and crinkle up to the center. When each layer has been crinkled, spread the layers to allow placement of a pop-dot covered with glitter on one side onto the top of the brad.(I need to add a photo of the card closed so that you may see the flowers on the front).

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Woops! I see I still haven't taken the promised photo. Sorry, I still have to do that. I am, however, adding the template that I created for my class, in case you wish to try this out. (You may have to click on it so that you may view it larger)

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