Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New Class Experiment 2

Another Yvonne inspired project. This has 5 layers (I should have taken another picture from an angle so that you could see all the layers). I'm wondering if these ideas have too many steps involved to use in a classroom instructional setting. Perhaps if I just limit the class to 2 cards rather than the traditional 3 to 4 cards.

This one uses Copics to color the little stamp, and I know there will not be enough time for those that enroll to accomplish this part of the project. Am I willing to have these all colored for the students? They are small, so it could be done. But then I would not be exposing the students to that technique. I could refer them to the basic Copics class that Sandy holds regularly at Scrapbookers.

The other concern is all the little tiny pieces I have to die cut! It will take a long time to do that all in preparing the kits for the class. But, I do like this card, and it would stretch the Spellbinders imagination of those that sign up for the class. What do you think?

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