Monday, October 18, 2010

Blog Hop Cards Revisited

Nearly a month ago, I participated in Stamping Vacation's 1st blog hop, which featured homemade embellishments. I focused on the potential of felt in making embellishments, making 6 cards in the span of a few hours. That's a complete record for me! I didn't go into much detail on the cards and decided to do a revisit.

It's difficult to see in any of the pictures but there are plenty of score lines on these: 2 above the sentiment, 2 below and a frame around the popped up butterfly piece. Since the blog hop, I added a rhinestone flourish butterfly trail for added pizazz on the card above and a tulle tie on the card below.

Both very simple cards but good in a pinch! ;)

This card, I simply added antennae to the butterfly...

The matching card to this one has already been used up but it was my favorite, with a more ruffly ribbon than pleated.

Well, that's it! (All supplies listed on original post.)

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