Sunday, October 3, 2010

Blog Pimpin': Heather Pulvirenti's {Witty Title Here}

A really quick shout-out to Heather's blog {Witty Title Here}. I remember the first time I read her blog title, I laughed out loud and wished I had thought of it. So clever! ;) I've checked it out for some time, usually in connection with stamp companies she's designed for. I finally decided to put a few of my fav cards on display! (Click on any of the pics to see Heather's original post.)

This is her card that completely has me awestruck! Stunning colors! Perfect execution! I'm literally drooling!

Heather loves to make these shaped little cards and I really need to try it out! They're perfect for almost any occasion! (My other fav of hers is here.)

This one is incredibly simple but the colors and textures pack a punch!

Another simple one that leaves you mouth hanging open! Amazing coloring on the famous Hero Arts butterfly!

I like the unique direction of the ribbon on this one and the clever rhinestone placement.

Thanks for sharing your inspirational talent with the web, Heather!

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