Stacked Organiztion Tower

I'm sharing with you today, a project that I made for Paper Architecture but can't use due to instructional video problems. If you follow my Paper Architecture with Sabrina FaceBook page, you'll know what happened there. Anyway, I have the project so I may as well show it to you. I plan to remake this project in the future again.

So What I came up with is a project that has several layers and can be put together with just one layer, two, three, or four layers! You stack them in the order you want, and glue them together building your organizational tower. It can be used s a sewing box, jewelry box, craft organization, office organizer, and more!

Made, as I did, with the base and two layers, the project measures 12" wide x 12" deep x 10" high. So if you add more sections, the tower would of course be higher. Here are the photos.

That's it for the photos. Next is a video to show you more details and explain how it works and can be configured.

Not sure when I will get to it again since I have the next few months planned out, but I will get this project done again for you with a video that works.

Thank you for joining me today, and Happy Papercrafting everyone!

Mini For A Friend

On Thursday I was able to meet up with a friend I hadn't seen in five years, as she was taking a week to visit Victoria from Calgary. It was so very nice to see her again. I wanted her to have something to remember her trip here by, and thought a mini album would be nice. Since Victoria is often referred to as "The Garden City" I decided I had enough Graphic 45 Secret Garden paper left to create one.

I did something else too. I decided to time myself from the conception with sketches and measurements I figure out, to the completion of the Mini. It took me 13 1/2 hours. That's without inking any paper, lol. I also decided to create eight pages, rather than the traditional six, and because I knew I'd be punching and making flowers, the spacing between pages would be 3/8" rather than the usual 1/4". This made for a very thick Mini with a spine of 4"! The whole Mini measures 6 1/2" w x 5" h x 4" thick. I used two envelopes, glued together, back to back, for each page, thus creating two pockets with each page for the photo tags and the bottom pockets for journaling tags and stuff.

Because I finished the Mini just minutes before meeting up with my friend, I was unable to take a bunch of photos. But, I did have time to make a quick walk through video of the it and later made snapshots from the video. So the photos are not the best.

So here is the walk through video of this mini.

Thank you so much for joining me today. It was so fun to use one of my favorite old papers again. Hope that you are having a wonderful weekend. Happy papercrafting!