Tutorials & Videos


This blog has come a long way since 2009. And for some it is difficult to find the posts from further back that include instructions. So I am creating this page with links that include tutorials & instructions from this blog, my Stampin' Up blog, and a retired blog (Paper Architecture with Sabrina). You can find them all here. Some are posts that include photos with step by step instructions will be linked here; some that have video tutorials with be linked to either a post or to one of my YouTube channels. The most current ones are on top of the list.

Ribbon Tied Tall Card Box - for 3 1/2"W x 6"H x 1 1/4" thick Shabby Chic cards  (video)- posted here

Envelope Card Box for Thick Shabby Chic Square Cards  (1" thick) - posted here

Card Pizza Box for Thick Shabby Chic Square Cards (1" thick) - posted here

Pop Up Box Card - 40 min video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VYe1W1VecF4

A2 Card Envelope (1/2" thick) - step by step photo tutorial  - posted here

Double Sided A7 Step Card - step by step photo tutorial - posted here

Triangle Treat Box - step by step photo tutorial - posted here

Tri-Fold Album (12 x 12) - 10 tutorial videos (aprox 15 mins each) & 1 walk through of completed album at the end

Tray Organizer - photos, emboss folders, monthly receipts, etc. - 4 tutorials (aprox 15 mins each)
Creating A Deco Framed Dbl Pg Layout - Looks like you used eight sheets, when you actually only use four. (post)

 How To Cut Frames from a Square or Rectangle on your Paper Trimmer

More to be added soon...