Exciting Announcement!

Some of the people that follow my blog are from Victoria, BC, where I taught classes for seven years. I would like to thank those lovely ladies for taking those classes, and for the comradery we shared. I left the Island in February of this year and am enjoying living with my daughter and her family. Since leaving the Island and teaching classes, I have not done very much in the line of papercrafting, as evident in the great drop in my posts.

One of the places I taught classes at in Victoria, was Scrapbook Parade, from around 2012 to 2014 or so. After that I taught at home for a couple of years as a Stampin' Up Demonstrator, and then was asked to teach at Scrapbook Essentials, BC for a couple of years from 2017 through 2018.

For the past nine months I have enjoyed being a grandma and doing other things. I have kept in touch off and on with some of the ladies in Victoria, and have been asked if I would continuing designing for the purpose of making kits to sell in Victoria. After some thought, I realized it was time to accept the invitation.

So to those that have taken classes from me in the past and are still following my blog, I will be a part of your papercrafting once again, though not in person.

To read the announcement Scrapbook Parade made and see some of the other kits that are available in their latest newsletter, here is the link.

I look forward to posting my designs again and share ideas with you all. The first kits available will be in January 2020, so you will start to see a few more posts again.

Happy Papercrafting everyone!