Forgot To Post This Class! MME Christmas on Market Street #6

Today is the card card of this class series, and it too is a simple design. You'll notice that with the two strips, I flipped them so that there would be a balance of the colours on the strips displayed on the card. I flipped these strips back and forth several times before I decided which way to attach them. Have you done things like that too?

Again, the wreath is void of a sentiment until stamped before attaching. It was left to be stamped by those participating so that they could use their own favorite Christmas sentiments.

Below you can see the layering of this card.

Well that's it for the lovely MME Christmas on Market Street paper. Hope you enjoyed seeing this collection of cards over the past couple of weeks.

At this time of year my craftroom begins to look like a tornado hit it. I get so busy that I don't clean up between projects, so in December, when classes begin to slow down, I will be able to find time in between working on classes for the new year, and reorganize and tidy up my work space. I am looking forward to getting that done. This also means that you will see fewer posts, but I hope to still get some more up before Christmas.

Happy creating everyone!

Forgot To Post This Class! MME Christmas on Market Street #5

It's all about the paper!

The last two cards in this series are very easy and simple, but the paper is what gives it it's punch. For this card we just fussy cut one of the wreaths, of which you can stamp a sentiment into, and attached it to a square mat in a coordinating colour.

You can see how very simple and easy this card is from the side view layering.

I didn't have gold foil at the time, but can you imagine using that on this card! When the card is a simple design, there isn't a whole plot to say, but you can see that this card would be an easily mass produced card for your Christmas card list.

One more from this class left to share with you.

Happy creating!

Forgot To Post This Class! MME Christmas on Market Street #4

Hello Everyone!  Sorry for the delay in getting the rest of these card class cards out for you to see. Today we continue the MME Christmas on Market Street cards with the 4th of six. The class was a lot of fun, and I forgot to take photos of it to share with you. When you are busy teaching, it doesn't always come to mind.

Here we go. Oh, and just to remind you, all the cream banners or fussy cut wreaths on these cards, were to be stamped on but are blank in these photos.

The gold foil pieces that are fussy cut sure added to the the cards. The photos don't do that justice. Sometime tearing the paper doesn't always work in the design, and I didn't want to just cut a straight line to create a triangle, so I thought cutting around the pattern in the paper and then the mat after attaching it, would give it a different look. I liked how that turned out much better.

In the photo below, you can see the layering.

Lovely colours on this paper collection! Thank you for stopping by today. I promise to have card 5 & 6 up over the next two days.

In the meantime, happy creating!

Forgot To Post This Class! MME Christmas on Market Street #3

Today I'm showing you the third card of the class I posted  (MME Christmas on Market Street), with three more to go.

This beautiful wide stripes ,with narrow gold foil stripes in between, is a gorgeous and daring paper. Who could normally say that about stripes! The three banners on the card continue with the theme of wide stripes. but are kept narrower to not distract from the paper stripes.

Before attaching the ovalish wreath and cream banner, one would do any stamping first. It was just left blank for the purpose of the class.

Below you can better see how the layers are positioned.

I believe this card would be appreciated by both the feminine and masculine alike with the beautiful colours and bold impact of the stripes. A fairly simple card to put together.

Thank you for stopping by again today. See you tomorrow for card #4.

Happy Christmas card making!

Forgot To Post This Class! MME Christmas on Market Street #2

For the second card of the class I posted yesterday (MME Christmas on Market Street), I have more fussy cutting, but not nearly as much as the card you saw yesterday. The appearance of this card is simple, but yet it is eye catching and striking. No stamping for this card either!

In the next photo, you can see the paper-tole-like layers.  Fussy cutting something like this makes it easier and pop a little more when you kiss cut leaving a little of the cream edge all around the bottom layer.

Looking forward to showing you tomorrow's card. Are you eager to see it too?

Hope you are inspired for creating your Christmas cards!

Happy creating!

Forgot To Post This Class! MME Christmas on Market Street #1

This being a last minute Christmas Card class, just putting them together on November 22nd, I somehow forgot to post it. The following image is a collage of the six cards, and is how Scrapbook Essentials wishes me to help advertise for the future classes. The cards are of course on full display in the store.

Now that the class is taking place on Thursday, I feel the that I can now show you the cards in full. So for the next six days, you will get to see one card. By the way, did I say how much I love this paper!

I'm going to begin with the most difficult card to make. Made difficult because of all the fussy cutting, but it's my favorite of the bunch.

If I had had more time, I would have darkened the fussy cutting edges with a dark marker to hide the white paper core. Love the bits of gold foiled pieces tucked in here and there. A fun arrangement of pieces.

Next, you can see the card from the side.

This layered card may not be a good one to mail, but certainly one that you could hand deliver or give directly to someone special.

So if you haven't seen the My Minds Eye Christmas on Market Street paper yet, you may want to check it out and grab some before it's all gone!

See you tomorrow, for the next one!

Happy creating!