Christmas Card Box for Maja Design Christmas Card Kit #2 - 3 1/2"W x 6"H Cards


Today I am finally getting the post out for the card box video tutorial for the cards in the Christmas Card Kit #2 - Holiday in the Alps. Obviously I had some problems getting it out, since other videos made after this have been posted. I won't go into details, but I finally have it for you now. Thank you for your patience.

These are the cards this card box is made for.

These cards are a unique size, measuring 3 1/2" W x 6"H. The box is just a little larger than the card and is 1 1/4" thick to accommodate the thickness of the card made by the elaborate embellishments. 

I ask at this time, before you see the tutorial, to forgive the mistakes made in this video. I corrected mistaken sizes with writing into the video the correct sizes. I will have all the measurements below the video on this post for you.

One card per box.

I was going to try and have my box completely embellished for you, but I still have not had the time to get to that yet. When I do, I will add the photos in then, but you are all creative and talented and I am sure you will have some great ideas to decorate your card boxes to match the cards you put in them.

  • Score Board & scoring tool
  • Paper Trimmer
  • Large Scissors
  • Double sided adhesive tape / Scoretape
  • 40 inches of 1" to 1 1/2" ribbon
  • Cardstock

CARDSTOCK CUT TO: 1 @ 10 1/2"W x 7 1/4"H (box bottom), & 1 @ 10 3/4"W x 3 3/4"H (lid)


Box Bottom: 1 1/4", 5", 6 1/4", 10" leaving 1/2" for the seam/joining tab

Box Lid: Please watch video for these instructions
  1. Line up the piece with the 10 3/4" across the top with the left side of the piece @ 1/2". This is very important.
  2. Before any scoring, move the piece 1/16th of an inch to the left, & score @ 1 1/4"
  3. Slide to the left again another 1/16th of an inch (you should be at the 3/8" line), and score @ 5 "
  4. Slide the left another 1/16th inch and score @ 6 1/4"
  5. Slide the left, for the last time, and score @ 10" leaving you a 1/2".

If you plan to stamp, stencil, paste, or add patterned paper to your box, please do that before assembling your box together.

BOX ASSEMBLY: Please watch video for these instructions

I know that you will love this card box.

Once I get mine finished I post it, but in the mean time you have this tutorial to help you make your own boxes.

Happy Creating!

ROUND CARDS KIT CLOSE UP PHOTOS - Maja Design "Christmas Season"

Hello Round Card Kit Purchasers!

This post is for you. You have your kit, and your instructions, so here are the close up photos for you to aid in the assembly of your Round Card Kit. So, here we go.

Card #1

Card #2

Card #3

Card #4

Card #5

...and Card #6

Hope these photos are helpful to you assembling your cards. The next & last Christmas Card kit will be cards that you can send in the mail. So look for them before the month is out. 

Thank you everyone that has purchased this kit, and others.

Happy Card Making!

Round Cards! - Maja Design "Christmas Season"

Welcome back to more Christmas Cards! 

They're round this time and are nearly 5 1/2" in diameter. Most will fit into the square card boxes posted here and here.

Scrapbook Parade posted this:

It is always fun making cards that are a little out of the ordinary. Not only do these cards have an abundance of shabby chic style embellishing, but they are ROUND! They stand beautifully on the large scalloped card base, so there is no worry of them rolling or falling. Plus, because these cards are just under 5 1/2" in diameter, they can fit into those 2 types of square boxes that Sabrina posted tutorials for on her blog.

Kit Cost $40.00

An added bonus is that because these cards are round you will be provided with an ivory die cut circle for the inside of the cards to write on.
Thanks for looking!

If you are interested in a kit, please contact Carol at Scrapbook Parade. Carol will mail them to you if you do not live in Victoria, BC.

There will of course be another post showing more photos with close ups for those that need to see the details as you assemble your kits along with the instructions.

The next set of Christmas cards will be designed with mailing in mind, so look for those soon.

Thank you for stopping by, and Happy Card Making!

Perpetual Calendar Card Keeper - G45 Fashion Forward - Detail Photos & Tutorial Video

Welcome to the Perpetual Calendar Card Keeper detail post with lots of photos and a tutorial video!

My, that turned out to be a long welcome sentence....

Being as this project is pretty simple as all the pages are exactly the same except for the beautiful paper for each page spread, the only purpose to showing you all of the pages in the 'Keeper' is to once again showcase the beautiful G45 paper.

Each photo is pretty self explanatory, and I don't even have to tell what month the page is for!

Here we go.

Below you will see a couple of pages where the tag is pulled out, and where the envelope flap is open ready to receive the cards with accompanying envelopes. These envelopes are 8 3/4"W x 5 3/4 "H, so A7 and A2 cards with their envelopes will fit in them.

If you need more writing space on these tags, just add some cream or white cardstock on the back of the tag to continue your list.

So, here is the video tutorial to go with your instructions.

I hope you got a few laughs at my mistakes when rambling. Most of all I hope that you enjoy making this project.

Happy Album Making!