Christmas in July Shabby Chic Card Kit - BOX #2 - FREE Instructions

Nice to have you back again!

Today is a 2nd instructional post following up on creating card boxes for those well embellished Shabby Chic Christmas Cards posted here and here. If you haven't seen the previous mini pizza box instructions, you can find it here.

In the last post I shared with you how I draw up my sketches to create custom card boxes. I will show you the sketch I made for this box as well. It may help you to see how easily anyone can figure out how to make your own custom sized card boxes.

So let's get started on the project.

1)  You'll need two sheets of 12" x 12" cardstock.
2)  Cut 1 @ 9 3/4"W x 11 3/4"H, and 1 @ 5 3/4"W x 3 1/2"H

3)  Get out your scoring board and score as follows:

  • With 9 3/4" across the top, score at 1", 2", 7 3/4", & 8 3/4"

  • Turn the piece so that the 11 3/4" is along the top, and score at 1/2", 1 1/2", 7 1/4", & 8 1/4"

  • Cut the piece to look like the one below 

Whoops; I forgot to take photos after this. I completed the heat embossing, and most of the assembly of the box before I realized that I had forgotten to stop at each step and take photos. So I am cutting up more to make another Envelope Box in a different colour.

For Stamping or stencilling purposes, you will need to place PURPLE TAPE (or a not very sticky painters tape) around the area you will be stamping, heat embossing, or stencilling. (You can find PURPLE TAPE on SIMON SAYS, & other online stores, & on Amazon. I am not going to do that on this red one because I have something else in mind. Just showing you in the next photo)

If you are heat embossing, or using paste with a stencil, I recommend that you do not do it on the 1" areas. Paste or heat embossing will crack when folded.

  • Add the extension piece onto the 1/2" tab so that it looks like the piece below
  • Round the corners of certain ends. You may have to fold up your box in certain ways to get to some of the corners.
  • After the stamping, etc, it is time to place the adhesive tape on the piece; only on the outside as you see below.
  • If you wish to use a closure/clasp, that will be the next step after decorating the outside with paper, stamping, or stencilling. I used Pure Platinum NUVO Embellishment Paste on my clasp. However, you can leave it as is, or use a metallic wax that is often used in mixed media.
  • Below is the outside of the envelope box, all heat embossed.

  • Don't forget the brad heads!
  • Line up the clasp's position on your box and mark where you need to pierce your brad holes. Then attach clasp with brads.
  • Now you'll need to cover the brad prongs to keep your cards from catching on them.
  • I cut 2 pieces at 5 5/8"W x 3 3/8"H in the same colour cardstock and added adhesive tape on the back of them as you see below.
  • Attach these pieces to cover up the brad prongs on both smaller sections. If you do not use brad attached closures, you can skip this step.

  • Start with the bottom tabs - peel off backing and attach tabs to the bottom 1"

  • It will look like this when you do the above.

  • Now peel the backing off of the adhesive strips you see remaining on the inside of the box, lining up and attaching one side at a time. Your envelope box is formed.

  • The last step is to embellish the out side of your envelope box. Here is the grey box completed from different angles, and a red one.

This clasp would look beautiful on a Shabby Chic style Envelope Box.

Here is an idea using the same Envelope Box with patterned paper instead of stamping & heat embossing.

If you are wondering where the Mistletoe stamps com from it is Altenew's Majestic Mistletoe. I love this stamp set and it's so fun to use with your MISTI.

I hope you are inspired to create many lovely boxes for thick cards.

HINT: If know I will be making several thick cards, and know the paper I will be using for them, I like to make prep several to the point of trimming after scoring, and store them in a file folder. Then when I am working on a card I can pull it out and use the same paper & supplies for both the card and the box.

Happy Box Creating!

Christmas in July Shabby Chic Card Kit - BOX #1 - FREE Instructions

Welcome Back!

I think that you will have fun with this post, and the next one, as they will be instructions on how to make two different boxes for those square and lavishly embellished Shabby Chic cards. There is no way you can get one of those cards into a regular square envelope!

Since Scrapbook Parade asked that I make Shabby Chic Christmas cards for the yearly Christmas in July theme, I knew we would need to make something to put the cards into. So, for today's box instructions, I will be showing you how to make a pizza box for a 5 1/2" x 5 1/2" square card that is about 1" thick with all the embellishment on it. (These boxes can be made thicker if needed.)

Let's begin.

This is how I figure out how to make a box for a thick card. First, I decide what kind of box I want to make. For this one I chose to make a mini pizza box. I know the size of the card and usually add 1/4" to the card measurements. Then I draw that measurement on grid paper (I have a grid note book that I use all the time), and then from there I know how thick the box needs to be, and continue adding to the sketch. When I'm done, it will look like this.

I next figure out the cutting dimensions, how many cardstock sheets I will need, wether it is better to use 12 x 12 or 8 1/2 x 11, and where I need to score. (The scoring info is on the next page in the photo above.) In this case 12 x 12 was the only option I had.

For this box you will require 2 sheets at 12 x 12, and cut one to 9 3/4"W x 9 1/4" H. The second sheet needs to be cut at 7 3/4"W x 6 3/4"H.


Take the smaller piece - 7 3/4" x 6 3/4"  with the 7 3/4" across the top and score at 1" and 6 3/4".

Turn the piece with the 6 3/4" across the top and score ONLY on the left side at 1".

With a large pair of scissors (you can cut a straighter line) cut as you see below on either side of the score line and then rip the sliver off toward the back/inside

I can't believe that I forgot to take the 2 photos of the larger piece and scoring each way! So I hope the following will work for you.

1)  With 9 3/4" W going across the top, score at 1", 2", 7 3/4", & 8 3/4".
2)  Turn the piece around so that the 9 1/4" is across the top and score at 1", 2", 7 3/4" & 8 3/4" leaving a 1/2" attachment tab.
3) With those longer scissors cut the piece as you see below.


After making your nice bone folded creases along all the score lines you will need to use up some double sided adhesive tape.

For the bottom piece inside, this is where you will place your tape.

Then flip the piece over to the outside and place adhesive as below. There is some along the edge of the fold at the top here, and then on the two tabs at the bottom.



This is where you can decide how you would like to decorate your box; and there are many options! You can stamp images or words, heat emboss, stencil with ink and blending tool, or with paste. I used NUVO Moonstone Glimmer Paste and then quickly heat dried it and watched it puff up.

You can also use beautiful designer papers and cut pieces 1/4" smaller than the box panels are  so when you attach the paper you should have a 1/8" border of cardstock showing all around the paper.


Then once you have finished creasing all the score lines with your bone folder, attach adhesive tape on the outside of the lid as seen here.

Then turn it over to the inside, and place adhesive tape as seen below.


1)  Remove the backing off of the tape from the inside edge of the lid that has no fold, and bottom piece with the 1/2" tab on the outside of the box piece.
2)  Carefully place the top/lid straight edge over the 1/2" joining tab right along the fold without overing the fold.

3) In the photo below, look at the corner. The outside part of the tab is attached on the inside lip of the box. Do this on both of the bottom corners as you see below.

4)  Now do the same thing with the corners on the lid of the box. (Left side of the photo below)

5)  Going back to the bottom of the box, remove the tape backing and fold down the flaps to not only strengthen it, but to also cover the tabs. Now it will look nice and finished, and it will better hold in the lid.

In the next photo you can see what the finished box looks like on the inside.

When you close the lid, you will place the lid section on the inside of the box bottom.

Now you may wish to further decorate the box. If you are putting a fancy Shabby Chic card into it, you will want the box to be just as elaborate. This is what I did with my sample for you.

And here is the box with the Shabby Chic Christmas card inside.

You could even make a little envelope with your Envelope Punch Board, attaching it on the inside of the box lid, to hold a gift card or two.

I hope these instructions are straight forward enough. If you have a question, just ask in the comment section below, because if you need to ask then someone else will too. I answer your comment and everyone gets to read the answer that needs it.

The next Card Box I will be sharing how to make, will be the more traditional Envelope Box to fit these cards and any other future Shabby Chic or other type of thick card.

Once you are done making your first one, the others will come along easily for you. Have FUN!

ADDED JULY 29, 2020

I thought I would add another mini pizza box for the thick Shabby Chic Christmas cards, just to give you an idea on how you and use just patterned paper on it.

Here we go.

Happy Card Box Creating!

Christmas In July Shabby Chic Card Kit - Close Up Photos & Tutorials!

Hi, & Welcome Back!

This is a real long post! If you are not working on the cards from this kit, you may wish to grab a cool refreshing drink and enjoy scrolling through and see the tutorial/s.

This is the first time that I have created a Shabby Chic set of cards for a kit. There are a lot of products used for this style of card. (See list on Kit post here) In the instructions, the cards are numbered, so I will post them here in the same numerical order.


Just the card...

I used the NUVO Glimmer Paste Moonshine on this card and did not use it on the rest of the cards. It looked too pasty even after it dried.

Now for the other views.

Now for a closer look at the little gift tag.


There is a technique I will show you, on the video, on how to tear your pattern paper and mat paper at the same time so that the mat will have a similar border edge when put together.

Now for the card only.

And of course the close ups...

For the gift tag...


The card on it's own...

Check out the details on these close ups...

The little gift card, too!

So much fun! Right?


Do you notice the flourish stencil paste? We will colour the paste, and I will demonstrate on the video, 2 different ways to do this.

Let's see the card by itself, shall we?

I love the European look of this card. Not only the image of Father Christmas, but the heat embossed and colour stamped cookies that are from Altenew.

Let's check out more details.

I love hoe the cookies and tags are hanging. Makes it more fun.

And now for the tag...

OK. Time for...


Another Father Christmas card! With my parents having come from Germany before I was born, I am partial to the European Father Christmas.

Here is just the card on it's own.

I love the treatment I did on the upper left corner! I think you'll like it too. Let's have a closer look at the card.

And now for the gift tag...

Cute little bunnies!

At first I was a little disappointed that the red bit os frayed cardstock got caught in the paste. But once it dried, and the colour ran a bit into the paste, it reminded me of Christmas peppermints, and it didn't bother me so much. If you don't want that, be sure to brush off the distressed paper bits real well before putting on your paste.

Now for the last card.


I found some flowers that pass off for Christmas roses! I enjoyed the challenge of making my own paper straws for this card. I plan on did it again for future Shabby Chic cards.

The card on it's own.

OK, last of the detail photos.

I also love blues and greys for Christmas cards. So this was the perfect paper collection for me! Hope you like it too.

Lastly, the gift tag.

Well, that's it for this Shabby Chic Christmas Card Kit! Hope you love the paper as much as I do.

Now, if you purchased the kit and would like some further help and instructions, I am including a video here for you. There will be some product review, some tips, and showing you how to on this video.

Sorry for the delay in getting the video posted. It turns out that my 4 year old laptop is too old to get it up onto YouTube! Can you believe that? It was my Mom's laptop before she passed 3 years ago, and I do not have the needed password, etc., to update the laptop.

Any way, I finally was able to correct the problem using one of the family computers. I was relieved, because I was not certain it could be done after all the work put into the video.

Please be sure to leave comments down below, and let me know which of these 6 cards is your absolute favourite, and if the video/s were helpful to you.

Happy Shabby Chic creating!