Mixed Media Story


A few weeks ago I went to a crop and spent the day preparing a mixed media layout for a class. I was not totally satisfied with it, and did not take photos or submit it for a proposed class for that reason. However, I realized that I just needed to add a couple of things to it to make it acceptable for a class sample and to post it as a class. I did what I needed to do to fix it up, but before I getting to submitting it, something happened. I received plane tickets to go visit my daughter and her family over the Christmas and New Year holidays! Talk about excitement! But then the next thing that came to mind was, 'gifts'! I now had to bring some gifts with me!

I decided that the mixed media layout would be a perfect gift for one of my granddaughters. I had already created one for her sister, so why not give this one to her? I could always get more product to make another project to replace this one for a mixed media class. So, that is what I will do.

I will share with you today the mixed media layout that is now a gift with you. I wish that I could show it to you in a frame, but I do not have one to put it into.

I wish you could see it in real life, because the photos do not do it justice.  Do you see the gold flakes?

I also love the added touch of the tiny pale pink glass beads.

You will note that there is a fair bit of metal embellishments on this layout project.

I have also used cheese cloth that was misted with colour and a tiny bit of coconut husk fibres.

Now, if anyone is wondering where I got these flowers from, well I went to the Dollar store and bought flowers that I could cut apart and use. I think it work out. What do you think?

See the white lace leaf?  I have a few yards of this expensive lace, and what I like about it is that the leaves are all linked together, but in a way that you can cut each leaf off from the rest. So I can tuck in lace leaves here and there, where ever I want.

Art stones, as you can see, were used on this project as well. I really wish you could see it in real; the soft "Tattered Rose" pink is not too noticeable in all the photos.

As to the photos/images, I printed them onto photo paper. I found photos and meme posters that colour coordinated with my supplies and printed them. It is nice to be able to print a quote that is already beautifully illustrated. They look great on photo paper too!

So I guess I owe you another class mixed media project to see. With classes much less in number during the Christmas prep time, I will have time to make another one for class to share with you. Everything I am working on now will be for classes in the new year.

Hope you enjoyed seeing this mixed media layout project and that something will have inspired you.

Till next time, happy creating!

Christmas Shabby Chic Class #2 Class Photos - Authentique 'Solitude'


Today I am sharing some class photos from this morning's class. We had our 2nd Christmas Shabby Chic class today. It was so popular, we had to create a 2nd class for everyone that wanted to take the class. So with out further adieu, here are the photos.

We had a full class, and many learned new things in class, which always makes for a good class.

Here are the ladies all busily working away.

Well, that's it for the photos that I took. Hard to believe that it is only 38 days until Christmas!

Thank you for stopping by to have a look at the fun we had today.

Happy creating everyone!

If you would like to see some Christmas cards I created with Stampin' Up product, click here.

Part of A Big Order


At the end of every year for the past few years, not only do I make my Christmas cards, but I also have a standing order that I start to work on to be completed by March. This year the order has increased to 75 cards. This order is for a mixture of occasions and card sizes. I often include cards I made as samples for past classes.

Anyway, I decided to work a little more with the Altenew wide washi tape, Floral Flurries, and created these six cards.

These are A2 cards (4 1/4" x 5 1/2"). A simple design and embellished using ribbon and fussy cut florals from the washi tape that was attached to white cardstock before cutting. After spening about 4 hours fussy cutting, I ended up with a large amount of flowers & leaves that did not all get used up.

Basically I made three different cards using different Altenew sentiment stamps, and a slightly different arrangements, each with a different colour of cardstock for matting and ribbon. So I will be showing you the cards in sets of two.

Hello Sunshine

Wishing You A Full Recovery

And, Thank You (this photo ended up a bit crooked, sorry)

Now that I have these six cards completed, I still have a few more fussy cut flowers to make a few more cards with. I had thought about putting the washi tape onto coloured cardstock, but then thought this was not the time to experiment and went with the usual white cardstock backing.

Hope that you like these and are inspired for some of your own creations.

Happy creating everyone!

I Can't Believe It!! I Missed Posting a Kit! - BoBunny Winter Playground Kit

Either that, or it got deleted somehow.... I do not recall ever forgetting to post a major post before, but I did. If it wasn't for someone asking to see the photos, and me looking to to see if they were here after telling her how to find them, I would never have realized that I forgot. How terrible is that? I really thought I had posted this card kit for you all. Since some of you need these photos, I am posting it even though the kit is sold out.

This card kit uses BoBunny's 'Winter Playground' paper collection and there are 8 cards in this kit. (I believe these have all sold out now)


These fun cards feature children playing in the snow. Not only do these make fun Christmas cards, but can be used to create some fun Winter Birthday cards too! The sentiments will not be stamped and heat embossed for you allowing you to choose your own sentiments for whatever occasion you want to use the cards for.

After spending a little time fussy cutting, these cards assemble quickly. You are of course free to add to or rearrange the design of the cards to meet your creativity. The kit includes instructions, adhesive foam snowflakes, a list of is included in the kit, along with product, supplies, and tools needed/used to create these cards.

Available Tuesday, September 25th at the studio after 5:30pm (SOLD OUT)

For those making these cards from the kits, and those of you that have this paper collection stil, here is a closer look at the 8 cards.


Hope you enjoy making these cards! Or are inspired from these for ideas in creating your own cards.

Happy creating!

Class Photos - G45 "Flutter"


Time to share a few more class photos! We had a great time last night in our Graphic 45 "Flutter" class. Some serious, quiet moments when everyone was concentrating, times of laughter when sharing stories, and times when class questions were answered.

Everyone did a lovely job on their creations. Here are a few photos taken during the class.

First we made the Box Card

Next we made the 'Bug' card.

And the final card was the Floral with nesting frames.

Thank you to all the ladies that took the class. Hope you had fun learning some new paper cutting techniques.

Happy creating everyone!