Favourites of 2017 # 4 - Spellbinders Educator Classes

It was amazing to earlier this year be chosen to be a Spellbinders Canada Educator. Since then Scrapbook Essentials BC has had at least one Spellbinders Educator class a month. There is so much one can create using dies, and for today I have picked. my favourites from these classes.

Graceful Fan class... See class post here. Of the three cards made, I this is my favourite.

For this next Spellbinders class, I at first did not know what to make of the die set that sent to us, but I actually ended up with favourites from this class.

A more feminine version...

and a more contemporary or masculine version.

And from this class, I like all three, but I think my favourite is this one. We also had fun with the new Tim Holtz Oxide Ink pads in this class to get all those beautifully coloured leaves that we die cut. Here is the class post where you can see the other two cards we made.

Christmas cards using a beloved older die - Layered Poinsettia. We created three cards in this class, but I think this is my favourite of the three. See class post here.

I have posted more Spellbinders classes, but they are for 2018, so I will review them as favourites for 2018. And...I have other Spellbinders cards that I made cards with but are more for display at the studio or were personal creations. You will see these in a few more days.

Thank you for reviewing these projects again as my favourites. See you tomorrow with my favourite Layouts of the year!

Happy Creating!

Favourites of 2017 # 3 - Shabby Chic Cards

This year Shabby Chic cards were a big hit at the studio! I must say that I did have an awful lot of fun making them. This style is not my go-to style when creating cards, but as I said I enjoyed making these cards a lot.

These are my favourites from the classes.

From the first class... see class post here, and card post here.

This class started it all!

Next favourite Shabby Chic card is one of two from this class. We did a lot of stitching, but it was worth it!

I could not choose a favourite from this next Shabby Chic card class, so I will re-share both of them with you. Here is the class post.

Once again, I could not choose a favourite from this Shabby Chic class.

And then from the last Shabby Chic class I taught, I again have say that both fall into the favourites. Here is the class posting.

I love working with the 49th & Market products! And I miss teaching the Shabby Chic classes. There is only so much a person can do.... Maybe, one day....

Thank you for stopping by again, and I hope you are enjoying the tour of my favourites for 2017 so far.

Happy creating!

Favourites of 2017 # 2 - Graphic 45 Card Classes

Graphic 45 creates some gorgeous papers and it is always a pleasure to work with their designs. At Scrapbook Essentials BC we have several people that feel the same way, and therefore we have at least one class a month featuring their papers.

Today I will post my favourite Graphic 45 card class projects.

We began this last year with the gorgeous Portrait of a Lady, and ended up having several classes using that paper. Some for cards that you will see today, and others being layouts will be posted with my favourite layouts post later.

As I liked all of these cards that we created in class, below are my favourites from this class (which is just about all of them) Here is the posting for the class.

Creating this gift bag with coordinating card, I think was the highlight of the class.

And the last four favourites are from the Winter Wonderland card class. I could not decided upon only one or two as my favourites, so I chose all four! Here is the class posting.

I was able to get these from the studio before Christmas, and all the recipients loved these cards as much as I did.

So that is it for my favourite Graphic 45 cards of the year. Be sure to stop by tomorrow for my favourite Shabby chic cards!

Happy Creating!

Favourites of 2017 #1 - Spectrum Noir Marker Card Classes

It is the time of year when we reflect on the creations of the year and choose our favourites. This is also difficult to keep down to a minimal number of projects to reshape with you. So I decided to break it down into categories; card classes - Spectrum Noir Markers, card class - Graphic 45, card classes - Shabby Chic, card classes - Spellbinders, layout classes, project classes, and personal creations. That will be 7 days of favourites! Since I have also posted classes for 2018 this year, and even though I created them in 2017, I will reserve them for my 2018 favourites review.

So shall we begin?

At the beginning of this year I was still teaching Spectrum Noir Marker classes. And one of my favourites is a very simple CAS card. See post here.

Since we are starting with Spectrum Noir Markers, I might as well go the next favourite Spectrum Noir favourite, rather than go in sequential order.

The next one is also a CAS card with a gold fish. See post here.

Next are two cards from the same class. I just love the cute bear and how fuzzy he looks.  See post here for both cards.

And this one is a favourite from the same class. Not only do I love this stamp, but I love how it turned out. This one is on display in the Scrapbook Essentials BC store.

For the last two Spectrum Noir Marker favourites, they too come from the same class, and the last class we had for 2017. See post here for both cards. This one is on display in the Scrapbook Essentials BC store.

Even though there is some mottling on this card, it is still one of my favourites. This one is on display in the Scrapbook Essentials BC store.

I do have a couple more favourite cards that were created with Spectrum Noir Markers, but they were not used for classes, and I will show them in my Personal Creation Favourites later. For those of you that are waiting to colour again with Spectrum Noir Markers, we are hoping to get more classes in for 2018. It is difficult to get in all the classes we would like to have for you, and I appreciate your patience.

Tomorrow - my favourite Graphic 45 cards! So be sure to stop by again.

Happy creating!

G45 "Fairy Dust" Diorama Card Class

Even though it is just days before Christmas, I have been busily working on classes for 2018. Always great to get them done with lots of time for everyone to to view them and plan to take the classes offered at Scrapbook Essentials BC. Great as an Instructor too, to have things planned and ready to go. Then I just have to put together the class kits for you when the class date draws near. The goal is to plan a 'quarter' (three months) of classes at a time, and have the samples ready for you.

You have already seen the classes I have prepared for January and February, and now this is the first March class samples! This will be it for now, as we are waiting for some product to come in for the rest of my March classes.

For the March Graphic 45 class we are using the beautiful "Fairy Dust" paper! That isn't the only exciting thing about this class; we will also be creating two A7 (5 x 7) DIORAMA CARDS!

Here they are!

They will fit beautifully in A7 envelopes to mail. They will, however, be thick which will mean additional postage if you mail them off to someone special,

G45 Fairie Dust -- Diorama Cards

WHEN: Saturday, March 10th
WHERE: Langford Legion Crop
TIME: 9:30 - 12:30
$35.00 + GST

To register for the class, contact Stacey - sbebc2011@gmail.com or 778-533-4290.

March and Spring is soon upon us! Perfect time of year to create some lovely Spring / Easter / Mother's Day cards. And not just any card, but Diorama Cards! They fit into an A7 (5 x 7) card envelope, but will be thick. There will be a die cutting station set up for you to use as we will have to attach the paper onto the cardstock before we can die cut.
Please have a look at the samples at the Studio in the New Year.
You will be guided with printed instructions to help you create these cards, and there will be HOMEWORK. The homework kits will be ready for you the 1st or 2nd of March.
PLEASE BRING TO CLASS: Homework, paper trimmer, 12 x 12 score pad with scoring tool, bone folder, scissors, double sided adhesive tape, craft mat, liquid glue, and black 3D foam squares or tape. 

AND I forgot to mention on the store post that it might be a good thing to bring your Wink of Stella or Glimmer Pen to class. It was an after thought once everything was posted that it would have been a good thing to use. I had not thought of using it when I made the cards.

So let's have a closer look at the cards.

As you can see in the next photo, that card fits nicely in the envelope.

When out, you can manipulate it to the form it into a Diorama Card.

A little closer look into the inside of the diorama.

A side view of the card.

Next comes the horizontal version of a Diorama card. This one has two inner layers, which makes a little thicker than the previous diorama with one interior layer. But it still fits into the envelope, but is a little thicker.

Here is the card standing on it's own. You can peek into the inside.

A little closer look into the inside.

A side view...

and the other side view.

So that is it for these wonderful keepsake diorama cards!

See you in March for this class!

Happy creating everyone!

Watercolour Pencil Class #5 - Altenew Striped Floral

Our fifth Watercolour Pencil Class! Everyone taking the class series, is doing so well. I look forward to introduce you to some new things in this class. (details in class description below)

Just one note before you continue on. The image with the gold embossed "celebrate" we will not do the embossing in class. I just wanted to show you what you could do with the space we will be leaving on both of the paintings made for cards.

Watercolour Pencil Class #5 - Altenew Striped Floral

WHEN: Saturday, February 24th
TIME: 10:00 - 12:00
COST: $25.00 + GST
At the Studio

To register for the class, contact Stacey - sbebc2011@gmail.com or 778-533-4290.

For this class we will paint using an Analogous colour scheme with gold embossed lines. We will not be embossing a sentiment on your painting piece as I tried to do on mine. You can stamp whatever you like at home when you create your card. The other piece uses a light coloured ink to give the image a faint line look and using water to make the colours bleed out past the colouring lines to create a more impressionistic look.

For those of you that are using the Spectrum Noir Aqua Blend Watercolour Pencils, you will need the "Florals" set for this class to add to your colour repertoire.

BRING TO CLASS: all your Watercolour Pencils (if you have Spectrum Noir Aqua Blend Watercolour Pencils you will need two sets - Naturals & Florals, craft mat, wooden cutting board, heat tool, Kraft knife &/or pencil sharpener, water colour brushes, Aqua Brushes, small amount of water in a jar, paper towel, and clear Wink of Stella or Spectrum Noir Glimmer pen.



It is fun to do so many different kind of things with stamps and watercolour pencils. Look forward to seeing you there!

In the meantime happy creating!