Detail Photos & Videos for Maja Design 'Miles Apart' Easel Cards

Welcome Kit Purchasers! 

This post will have some close up photos to help you in putting together your cards. There are also some videos for you. Now, this is a very long posting. I thought of separating each card in their own post, but thought finding them in one post might be easier for you. So here we go.

CARD #1 - Triple Easel Card

Triple Easel card closed - fits into a 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" card envelope

Close up of the front arrangement

 Card opened from different angles.

Close ups


CARD #2 - Center Easel Card

Card closed

Card Open

Side View

Close up views


CARD #3 - Twisted Easel Card

Card Closed

Card Open

Side View

 Back View


Close Up Views

1st VIDEO HELP - Card Base

2nd VIDEO HELP (this will also be useful for attaching the front piece on card #5)

CARD #4 - Side Easel Card

Card Closed

Card Open

Close up Views

In order to have the dark rose damask matting for both the inside base and for one of the little squares you will need to 'frame cut' it like we have done in the past for a few other cards.  (Video on how to do this is still to come)

1st VIDEO HELP- Card Base

2nd VIDEO HELP - Matt Frame Cutting

CARD #5 - Reverse Easel Card

Card Closed

Card Open

Side View

Other Views

 This is a straight forward easel card, so I did not make a video for this one.

CARD #6 - A Regluar Card

Well, that's it for this kit. Hoping that you all had the help you needed in putting together these easel cards. And now you can make a bunch more easel cards and even experiment in sizes. Have Fun!

2021 Kit #3 - Maja Design 'Miles Apart' Easel Cards

Well Hello! Nice of you to drop by.

Today I am sharing with you a new kit of cards made for Scrapbook Parade. I just love the soft colours of this 6 x 6 paper pad from Maja Design. "Miles Apart" has the colours of soft rose, soft coral, soft light blue, soft sage green, and some brown. I can't wear pastels so I love to decorate my home in them.

This kit has 6 cards, 5 of which are Easel Cards. Each one is a different type of easel. In the past I have normally taken one photo with all of the cards together. However, in my new apartment, I have less space to do that. At least for know. So I will be posting each card individually. The next post will have several photos of each card as well as some short demo/tutorial videos to help those that purchase a kit from Scrapbook Parade, will have a little extra help.

You will be making a Triple Easel, Center Easel, Twisted Easel, Side Easel, Reverse Easel, and one regular card.

This time I have made double the kits, so if you wish to have more than one kit, there should be enough for that.  The cost of the kit is $30.00 each, so if you are interested in reserving a kit or two, contact Carol on the Scrapbook Paradise FaceBook page. PLUS NO COST FOR SHIPPING!

So here are the six cards.








Thank you for your visit. There are more fun kits to come! The next one will be a Scrapbooking Kit with double page layouts.