Christmas Shabby Chic Kit #2 - Detail Photos & Technique Video Tutorial


Today's post is a very long one again. It has all 6 card photos and detail photos!! It's mainly for those that purchased a kit through Scrapbook Parade, but to those that did not order a kit, these photos may be of some inspiration to you, in making your Christmas cards for this year. Plus there is a little technique video tutorial, too.

The 3 Gatefold Cards

When folded closed, these cards measure 3 1/2"W x 6"H

Before going into the card details, I just wanted for those that purchased a kit to know, that when you are using the coconut fibres, you need very little, so be careful how much you use. Of course you don't want to be skimpy either. Just to give you and idea, I took a photo of card #1 after attaching the coconut hair.

That is pretty much all that you need.

Card #1

Card #2

Card #3

The 3 Regular Fold Cards

Card #4

Card #5

Card #6

The Tutorial video below, shows how to miter stripe strips for both card #3 & #6 (the one above). It also has a review on how to make paper flowers if you do not have your own 'roll a flower' die, like me! 

Hope the video was helpful. I had to do it all over again, because I accidentally deleted the first video!!!

I am so happy that all of you that purchased this kit were so excited about it. Enjoy putting them together, and watch for the next Kit!

Happy Christmas Card making!


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