Blog Pimpin': Soapbox Creations

Even though I've seen Laurie plenty of times in the PTI Forum, I never checked out her blog, Soapbox Creations, until today. I'm completely bowled over by her talent! I love everything she's created! I chose a few to feature here (links included before each pic):

This duo can be found here:

This card can be found here:

This simple card is so inspirational to me!

These cards are stunning! I especially love this 1st color combo:

Laurie complains about being a "monochromatic girl" but I love it! See here for this card:

This card shares a unique technique: stamping with the wrong side of the stamp! I love the ruffles, too!

Just like me, Laurie forgot to put the Beautiful Blooms II patterned paper into her cart at the time of that release! Unlike me, she re-created here it in the meantime!

This one has that je ne c'est quoi... I think it's the brown scallops that make this card unique!

And last but not least, there's this:

Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent, Laurie!


Ted said...

You have a great eye, Dana... Laurie is a FANTASTIC cardmaker/artist and she has a natural-born talent for such things. :) Thanks for showcasing our fellow PTI forumer!

Sabrina said...

WOW! I've got check out her blog. Thanks, Dana.