May Be CAS, But Not a Simple Undertaking!

Toward the end of January, I was asked if I would undertake a wedding invitation order for a bride that couldn't find what she was looking for in an invitation. My first question was "How many?" I was so happy to hear it was only for 60 invitations.

The bride wanted a very simple and elegant one. I had to design the text layout and sent it out to be printed and then handmake the rest of the invitation to accommodate what was being printed - invitation body, orchid square, and RSVP card. It may have been a simple invitation in appearance, but my goodness, it sure took a lot of running around. A good thing I have a friend that didn't mind driving me around. We had some fun doing it. However, after making a prototype that she loved, it was then difficult to get some of the supplies!

I went to several stores over a period of  ten days before I found the right colour ribbon! And then it turned out that the colour and type of cardstock I used for the prototype was not available in Victoria! You see I had used paper that I had purchased from Scrapbookers Paradise while living in Calgary. And of course the bride wanted that colour and type of cardstock. So I called Scrapbookers and found that they still carried it and made arrangements for Dana to pick it up for me and ship it to me. They arrived just in the nick of time!

So here are the photos of the the 60 CAS wedding invitations made.

Here is open.

You'll note the embossed line frame around the text body...well, I did that myself because it was way too costly to have done at the printers. I had to measure all 60 from the back and make little pencil dots to ensure the frame would be perfect. A lot of work, but looks so nice.

Wondering what's in the pocket?

The RSVP card is int the pocket. The bride and groom had created a special email address to reply for the RSVP to save on return postage, etc. I cut up a lot of bubble wrap pieces to protect the front of the invitation and prevent the bow's knot from breaking through the envelope.

So there you have it. A CAS wedding invitation that is deceptively simple, but took a whole lot of time. I am please to report that the bride was very happy with them.

Thank you for stopping by again, and happy crafting!


Tigriswillreign said...

Wow, it looks fabulous! I can't believe how much work it took to score them! Love the RSVP email idea.
BTW, looks like the bride got her 2 script-y/handwriting fonts... ;)

Lynn said...

These are absolutely your time is well worth elegant!

Unknown said...

Absolutely lovely and elegant to boot! Love the RSVP pocket! You did an awesome job! ;o)