Baby Pics From 1978 & 1979

Yesterday I went out looking/shopping for what I needed to finish the scrapbooking page (as mentioned in this post). Unfortunately I couldn't find what I wanted, so in order to complete the project I had to come up with another idea. I ending up buying an Adironack Espresso Bullet Tip Pen to hand write the title. I should have practised using it before using it on the actual piece intended to finish off the page.
In deciding on a style for this page, I do on ocassion enjoy CAS and I know that Dana loves it! So that is what I tried to achieve on this page since it displays baby pictures of Dana. My mistake? The roses! I just couldn't find something that would fit there, stamp, or embellishment, and chose to cutout the roses from scraps. And once attached I couldn't take them off without ruining the paper. So it is what it is. (sorry Dana ;) )
I love the colors, however, and took care with all of the liquid pearl details. The photo with Dana laughing, is one of my favorites of all her photos.
Maybe I need to make a card or two again to get back into some good design mojo....
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Tigriswillreign said...

lol The roses are fine, Mom! This is great! I look like Grandpa Harris in that laughing photo! Hardly flattering... ;)