Missing You

I guess both Dana and I had a very busy few days as we each didn't post anything for a while. We're back though by the looks of things.
I started a couple of scrapbook pages and have them almost finished, but I need to go buy something in order to complete one, and the other is just about done. When I saw some of the scraps left from the first one, an idea for a card came to mind. (Actually there are enough scraps to make several cards)
I had a couple of issues when puting the card together, however. The  stenciling of  the sentiment Label didn't work out well as the die moved creating a wider boarder at the bottom.  And, second, the application of the liquid pearls ended up being a little more inconsistant than usual with differing sizes, spacing, and even angle of appliction. Since it's more noticable than usual it's bothering me a bit. Darn it all. I decided to go ahead with taking the photos and posting it any way. Detail photos are next.

To the upper left you can see a peek of the inside; above right is a close up of the sentiment label; and left, a side view to see the pop-up of the sentiment label. 

Now as to the reason behind making this card a "Missing You" card....well I went to use a snetimtent from Flourishes Tag Lines when I noticed that I had used each one except for "Missing You". That made me think that I should use it, because I sure miss being close to Dana and the grandchildren since I've moved, and there would be a card ready for me to send to her somewhere along the way. Now Dana will be wondering when this card will appear in her mail box. But with her birthday coming up on the 22nd, it will be a while before she gets it.;)
One more thing before I sign off, I love the colours of the card and I hope Dana does too. Thanks for stopping by today.
Tools & Supplies

Spellbinders: Labels Fourteen & Fleur de Lis Borderbilities
Ink: Versa Fine Sepia, Memento Rich Cocoa
Brad from the Dolar Giant in Calgary
Liquid Pearls: Mint Green & Ranger Adirondack Dimensional Pearls - Mushroom
Stamps: Flourishes Tag Lines


Tigriswillreign said...

I wouldn't even have noticed the border if you hadn't mentioned it. No use worrying about it, Mom!
I love those scraps! Can't wait to see what you've been doing with the rest of the paper!

Shirley said...

That's why they call them works of art! They aren't supposed to be 'perfect'. What is perfect anyway!! The card is sensational and so pretty. I love the colors and every detail!!