Refabrication For Mom

For Christmas, my Mom had received a very long and thick notepad from an elderly woman that attends church. Mom was about to throw out the pad because she didn't care to have a bright red pad with a snowman on the cover, sitting out by the phone in their kitchen all year round. And it took up a lot of room in their phone drawer.

My parents' kitchen is a very light blue with white cabinetry, so the red would stand out like a sore thumb. And Mom is very particular, and meticulous when it comes to decor and organization (and just about everything else too). Just to give you an idea, this is their living room 6 hours before our Christmas Eve company was coming over. She already had everything done; the table set, the treats out on the coffee table, etc. This gave her the time she needed to relax a little and relieve some stress.

I mentioned to her that I could refab, or recover, the notepad for her. She was pleased at that idea. She said, "You can do that?" I even offered to cover it in the pale blue paper she so liked on the cards I made for them this Christmas, which made her even more excited. (View here)

She didn't want any embellishment what so ever, just the beautiful paper.  You'll note the elastic on the front cover to hold a pen or pencil. I had to figure out how to get that through without the luxury of an eyelet tool. (used to always borrow Dana's. TY ;)) So here it is.

Thank you for stopping by to have a look at this simple project. I've already given it back to my parents a couple of weeks ago! Just didn't get around to posting this earlier. Hope you find time to do a little crafting today ;). What would we do if we couldn't craft I wonder?

PAPER: K&Company Brenda Walton Floral & Fauna Designer Paper


Tigriswillreign said...

Looks great!

Diane Louise J said...

Lovely idea and you've used beautiful papers xx