Visiting Teaching January 2012 Clipboard

Just a quick post for today.

I purchased a few small clipboards a while back at a $1 store. I also had downloaded some mini-calendars a couple of weeks ago and knew they would work well for this project. I made a card for each month with a few questions to keep in mind when going out to Visit Teach, contact info to fill in, and a mini-calendar. The back of the card is white for further information to be written down for each month, if needed.

I took this photo of the clipboard before, but forgot to take an after photo of a completely refabbed/repurposed clipboard. Oh well.

Here are all of the cards. I tried to find colours and patterns that would work well for that particular month. Because I was making six of these, I kept it pretty simple, with no embellishments.

Here are the assembled Clipboards.

So there you have it. All text was printed off of my computer generated files. Nothing fancy, but a fun project none the less.

Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving your comment. Happy crafting everyone!!


Rosietoes said...

Such beautiful, thoughtful projects Sabrina. Love these.

Edna x

Tigriswillreign said...

How did you get the paper all the way around those corners??