All From Scraps & Leftover Die Cuts

Here are two of three more Valentine cards I need. I am so excited about these cards because every piece, with the exception of the card base, all came from scraps and leftover items- like unused die cuts- from previous projects.

I am in the process of reorganizing my craft area and had bits and pieces from past projects in one box, and some in a bag in another box, and so on. In gathering these die cut pieces all together from hear and there and everywhere, I was amazed at all that I had! I did not know, for instance, that I have an awful lot of hearts, circles, butterflies, ovals, and a multitude of other shapes and die cuts all ready to be used! I am still trying work out a good organized storage system for it all. I might make a couple of postings on the subject at a later date.

But lets get to my easily made and quickly put together cards! I had so much fun making a Skinny and Tall card for a Scrabookers Challenge, I wanted to make another one. I even used the leftover stamped circles cut out from the frames made for that card. The little hearts came from a project some time in 2010, and even the ribbon is three scrap pieces! ...all carefully joined under one of the circles, and one tied into the little bow.

The long black and gray damask banner on red is popped up with dimensionals, as are the circles, and then the little red hearts.

This second card is again all made from scraps & leftovers. Even the red gingham on white and red was already assembled from these cards, because I had first made them the wrong size. You know, one of those, whoops. And I used leftover leaves I had made for this project. The white die cut oval and red heart are some 2010 extras.

It felt good to be taking from the scraps rather than adding to them! I am going to check out all my previous die cut pieces with every card from now on. I have enough to make at the very least, 50 cards! Maybe more!

Thank you for stopping by today. I would love to hear how you organize all your little leftover die cut pieces to use later on!

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Tigriswillreign said...

Very pretty! I'm working on scrap org, too!