Happy Birthday Suzie!

Today is Suzie's birthday! She is on the same DT with me at Colour Create Challenge. I wish her the best birthday with lots of family, friends, and love on her special day, and a great year ahead.

In trying to come up with  a plan for this birthday card my thoughts lead to trying to come up with colour combinations I hadn't yet tried. When I thought of purple and gold, I went to the web for inspiration and came across this royal purple and gold wedding invitation (right). Talk about elaborate! You should check out al the images in your search engine under "purple and gold"! Wow!...

The thing that really gets me is that my deep purple came out more of a deep blue in the photos. No matter how many times I retook the photos, or played at tweeking them. So I had to leave them as is at this point. My pruple is between the purple of the inspirational photo and the photos below. Even the smokey mauve isn't quite like in real life. But it is still a very rich looking card.

I don't have any banner or banner pendant dies, so these I cut myself. Keeping in mind that quality jewelry, if stung, has knots between each pearl, stone, etc, I did the same here in between each banner pendant. I used a lot of gold embossing powder. Originally I had thought I'd use Gold Liquid Pearl, but when I got to laying everything out before attaching it all together, I realized it would be way too much. I see that I forgot to colour the white double layered dimensionals with my gold gel pen...

Again, Happy Birthday Suzie! Lots of birthday hugs too!

Thank you, everyone, for stopping by today, and let me know you stopped by, OK.


Tigriswillreign said...

You worry too much... It looks purple! ;)

Suzie McFloozy said...

Sabrina this is absolutely stunning - I LOVE IT :)
Bless you - you are so very sweet x
Colour is def the colour of the year for me as one of my friend bought me amethest earrings and another friend bought me a lilac crystal bracelet.
Thanks again sabrina x
((hugs)) Suzie xoxo