Every Man in A Noble Place - A Boy Once Used to Be

I wanted to get 12 photos on a double page layout which ended up being a bit of a challenge for me because I never had worked with that many in one layout design. Why 12? I had come across some random photos of my youngest son, who recently turned 27, the age I was when he was born. Any way, these pics were mostly of him on his own, and actually covered his growing up from the day he was born through to around 15 years old (actually now that I'm seeing the photos again, I think it may through to age 16. I'll have to change the '5'). Any way, I felt they needed to be put together and tell a bit of his story.

For this layout I used MME On the Bright Side, Barn (used the other side with the chevron pattern) and Circle Branches backed with Bazzill Red Devil (red). I was thrilled to have found at the store Websters red chevron ribbon to go with it.

I had seen someone online make a similar slot to pull out a long tag, but I couldn't find where I found the idea to give proper credit. But, whoever made the project that I saw, I obviously loved the idea and used it on this layout.

Here's a close up of the tag pull-out.

I sometimes miss those days. The funny thing is at the time you don't think that you ever will. Thank you for coming by for a visit. We love having company come over to visit...hee hee.

Take care and happy crafting everyone!

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