Saturday's Class Photos - Monochromatic Cards I

Would have posted the class photos sooner if I could. Just wanted to share with you the fun we had in class, with thanks to Sandra for taking the pics for me as I had a full and busy class. A big thank you Sandra!

Here you see the class intently listening to me talk. You don't see my head because I had to crop it off due to the blurriness at the top of the photo.

Later in the class when everyone is busy working away.

Thank you for checking in on the fun we had. I look forward to our next Monochromatic Class!

Happy crafting Everyone!


Nona said...

Wowzers!! I am lovin' all the monochromatic goodness! Looks like you all had so much fun :)

Unknown said...

Awesome cards!
Looks like you had a great group of ladies who enjoyed your class! ;o)