Working On Another Christmas Card Kit

Hi everyone! Welcome back.

I do not know when this will be completed and available for you because I have to slow down my schedule somewhat with certain things going on in my life. I will, or I should say Carol at Scrapbook Parade will announce when it will be available.

I am working with another Maja Design paper pad; 'Holiday in the Alps'. Again, such beautiful paper and lovely colours to work with. These cards will be a cleaner Shabby Chic style, that will take less time to create. No paper distressing, no 'snowing' the paper edges. These cards will also be a totally different size than what we are accustom to as they are closer to a European card size. Because the cards will be too thick to put into envelopes anyway, we do not have to worry about envelopes. However, if made in a more flat style they would fit into a coin envelope #7 I believe. Or you can use your Envelope punch board to create the size needed as this size card is on the board. I will include a card box/envelope design for this size card that will be available to everyone whether you purchase a kit or not.

So this is what I have accomplished so far. I have 3 gatefolds ready to embellish, and have two more cards to get to that point. These two will just be a regular fold, not gatefolded.

This photo shows the three gatefolded cards, and more paper to use for the other two cards and making of embellishments.

If you want to go ahead and get your name on the list for this kit, let Carol know via messaging her on the Scrapbook Parade Facebook page. Sometimes these kits sell out fast as there is a limited number of kits available.

How will I embellish them? Watch for the kit announcement to see the completed cards. 

Happy Card Making!

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