Slimline Card Kit With Maja Design's Vintage Autumn Basics

Nice to see you back!

I have always loved slimline cards since I first learned about making them about 10 years ago. It is wonderful to see that they are all the rage in card design now. So I was thrilled to design an entire card kit with all slimline cards.
This post is just showing you the cards that will be in the kit. I believe that they are all spoken for ecept for one kit! And Carol just received them on Friday (3 days ago)! 

One thing though, I forgot to take my photos of all the cards like I usually do. I do, however, have the teaser photos I took, and have done the best I could with editing them. 
SOLD within a day after posting
This is a large Kit! It has 9 Slimeline cards!
Kit cost is $45. If you wish to grab the last remaining kit, contact Scrapbook Parade here.

These are the nine cards in order as they will appear on the printed instructions.


So these are the cards for the Maja Design "Vintage Autumn Basics" Slimline card kit.

See you next time for a post with more detailed photos to accompany the instructions for this kit. Remember, there is only one left!

Happy creating!

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