Celebrate Friendship

Well, since I'm pretty much ready for my class this evening and have some time, I thought I would quickly add another post  about using up my scraps.

More Scraps! Well this time it's just the 12" x 4 3/4" green pieces left over from a class, along with a bunch of cream pieces that have been collecting. The 2 different patterned papers used are not scraps. This card is inspired by Lisa Johnson's beautiful and elegant card toward the bottom of the linked posting - Year of Flowers: Roses.

I just loved the colors used and the simple elegance of the design. I do not have the same rosebud stamp (It's on my PTI wish list) and had to use what I had  including the use of a patterned paper rather than two colors of cardstock. Therefore, it is not nearly as elegant as Lisa's.

Since we have just recently decided to create our own storefronts connected with this blog, I thought why not make as many as I can out of these green pieces. (click on the 'Store' tab at the top of this blog to find & connect to the storefront links) We also plan to participate in a community moving market in August to sell our papercrafts. So making a dozen friendship cards with this in mind doesn't seem over done. I was surprised at how quickly I could put a dozen cards together. I guess when you have a plan and prepare everything first, in an organized manner, putting them together is a cinch. In less than a day they were completed. I just have the special sized envelopes left to make.

You see here the different versions; each only a slight difference like the flower stamp used, the ribbon color and the patterned paper.

Well, I hope that all you readers out there are still  finding the time to craft even though the summer weather has us all doing other things and keeping us busy. Keep up the good work

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