Grandchildren's Easter Cards - from Sabrina!

Yeah!!! I finally took an opportunity to get creative! I've really missed it. It was difficult to make cards without the access to all of my tools and supplies, as well as the use of some of Dana's. The tiny little store that I was able to book some time to use their workspace from (the closest to where my parents live) had a very limited supply of paper and tools to use. No Spellbinder dies! But, I had so much fun!!!!

Since I have six grandchildren I made six cards. Now, since I wasn't able photograph them, Dana is taking pictures of them for me to post. The sad thing is despite sending the three cards to Dana's at the same time, the two girls are the only ones to have received them so far. Poor Taylor was in tears that his hadn't arrived along with theirs. Poor boy. Once his arrives, I'll make a posting of his card.

This is the card I made for Averi, who is three (4 in August). I also made a variation of this one using different colors for my 9 year old grand-daughter, Savanna, who lives in Phoenix!

I had to buy everything at the store...the Stickles, jewels, ribbon, scor-tape, and papers. The butterfly stamp was one that the store has for use of customers who sign up to use their tools. There was no way of knowing the artist/company of the butterfly as all the packaging was missing for this clear stamp set. And you'll have to forgive me for not writing down the name of the patterned paper. But there you have it.

I heard from Dana, that Averi loves butterflies and has PJs with butterflies, too. She sounded excited about the card when I talked to her on the phone on Monday.

I can hardly wait to get at crafting again. I really miss not being able to go to my craft room whenever I have the urge to create something. I look forward to having it all again.

It was nice to post something for my followers. Hope that you are all happily crafting away. Thanks for stopping by, and stop by tomorrow for Ella's card posting.

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