Grandchildren's Easter Cards - from Sabrina! #3

Yeah! Taylor received his Easter card today! 

From the previous postings of the Easter cards for the grandchildren, you will know that I rented space to create these cards. In the box of Easter stamps available for use I came across some stamps From Penny Black. I love those cute animal stamps! The hedgehog, I thought would be perfect for Taylor as a boy wouldn't want cute little bunnies and such. Though I could be mistaken as he does love the cute bunny puzzle he received.

As for the bunny on the previous posting, I used Tombow markers to color this image. I used Vintage Sepia ink on the edges to create a more boy-like appeal considering that I had to use the polka-dot paper to get the right color green. (Did you notice that I forgot to color the pull-ties of the cart?)

I did make a variation of this card for my Mom and Dad using a white card base and colored the stamp in using pencil crayons. Sorry Taylor, but it turned out better than the coloring job on yours and I remembered to color the ties.

Well I hope I will get another chance at posting some more creativity for you soon. But until then, I wish you all happy creating. Thanks for stopping by again today.

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Tigriswillreign said...

I didn't even notice the pull-ties so no worries! ;)