August Bullet Journal Set Up

Hello Bullet Journalers!

My apologies for not getting this up sooner, but I have been rather busy trying to get as many class samples going for a big event where I teach. So if you are looking for August inspiration for your Bujo, you may need to keep it for another month.

First I would like to say, that I have always been a person that has difficulty with keeping things real simple. I do succeed at times, but not that often. This is also true when it comes to setting up my Bujo. Because I am busy right now, and I love seeing all the beautiful clean and simple layouts out there just using the black pen, I was hoping I could dot that for myself this month.

Guess what? I couldn't keep it that way and ended up putting washing tape in my layouts. I did pretty much keep it to black and gray. Though at one point in setting things up I grabbed the wrong gray Tombow marker, and ended up with a soft lilac colour.

So why don't I get on with showing you my August 2018 set up pages.

Even though I have more than enough pages left for setting up August, I decided to see what it would be like to make a one page, rather than two page, monthly calendar set up. It is still new to me, and I see that there are some pros and cons to this set up, but I have not made a definitive decision yet. I think I will know better once I have used it for a while.

But let's go to the 'Hello August' page. I cheated a little on this page. How? Well I used a stamp for the 'hello' and an alphabet die set for the 'August' and glued the letters onto the page. Did it save time? I guess it depends on how you look at it. I think is did save me some time because I am not great and fancy lettering.

For my class & kit page set up, I have been so busy making many samples in July, I did not know if I would need two pages or not for August. However, I did not want to run out of space in case I did need it. So I just set up one page, leaving the second blank. This way if I need it I can quickly set it up, and if I do not need it, I can find a nice quote to put there.

Next is my Brain Dump page.

This is where I felt I needed something more than just the frame for the page spread, and added the quick and easy washi tape to embellish it a bit. See, I couldn't just frame the words, I had to add the washi.

Next I have my Habit Tracker layout. As you can see I went back to the way I had a couple of months ago. I did not like all the work involved in setting it up like I did for June and July.

Once again, I could not leave blank spaces and had to add some washi tape.

Next, is my August finances set up.

I had to add a little house on this page...

Now that is it for the August set up, but now we have the first few days of August.

Normally I like to view my entire week on one spread spread across two pages. However, when a week is split between two months, there lies a challenge. That challenge in my monthly finance spread. I like to include a weekly expense tracker, which I transfer over to my monthly spread. I do not want to include my expense and spending from two months in a weekly tracker. So I decided that I needed to split the weeks up for that purpose. That means the week you will see in my first August week is a partial week. What I ended up liking about this is that I could have wider daily columns. Hmmmm, have to think about that a bit.

Any way here are the first 4 days of August in my weekly spread.

Remember me mentioning grabbing the wrong marker? This is where that happened. You can see that, again, I could not just keep it simple and ended up adding some washi tape. Did you notice the change in my set up?

Next is my weekly gratitude and expense trackers. Following that is the start of my daily journaling section. I usually leave about 4 to 5 pages for this.

The last thing to show you is my weekly review.

I find this helpful in my goals, and what I may need to change or include in the next month's set up, as well as what goals to set for the next week.

Well that is it for this post. Happy bullet journaling to those that are doing it!

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Unknown said...

thanks Sabrina for all the great ideas. I am still finding I am way too busy to do the BJ in such an amazing way you do-
the little pieces of paper with notes still drift around my house!
however, what I do in my BJ works for me and I still plan to do better .
I love my colored pens and even have a gold and silver-