Can't Quite Put My Finger On It...

I worked on this page for a few days. Not one of my successes I'd say, and I'm not quite sure what it is. The colours? Too much doily? Or just too much something else? (I even took stuff off) I took it apart a few times changing the colours on some things, changing the layout, and so forth. It seemed to get better, but still not quite right.

Maybe it is because I wanted lighter blues and green and didn't have any on hand. Or because some of the interesting papers I used in the horizontal band ended up getting nearly entirely covered up. And then,rather than changing the colour idea I settled for something that wasn't quite what I was hoping for. But I know I regret putting the bits of paper doilies under the buttons on the journal tags! The only problem is that I can't take them off without damage, so they have to stay there. :(

Well, it got to a point where I could no longer make changes, so I had either start over right from scratch hoping to rescue the original photo, or accept it. I decided to leave it as it is since it was much better than were I was first headed. Therefore, it is what it is.

 You can see that I used a doily to mask a bit of it pattern onto the paper for background interest. That, I believe, is a first for me.

I printed off a bunch of butterflies in various sizes and used my inks and ink blending tools. Then cut them all out, while watching a Christmas movie. I also was finally able to get white enamel accents! I found out that the first 15 drops or so came out almost clear, so I had to touch them up a bit.

A couple more closeups.

Oh, yes! I forgot to mention that used some of my old rub-ons. The Pink in the upper right and lower left corners, as well at the flowery patterns in the upper left and center, as well as the lower right corners.

Ooh, this one's a little pixilated. Sorry about that. Any way there you have it. A nice over the top frilly and girly page showing my Mom, her sister & my Aunt, and myself at probably a month or two old!

Thank you for checking out the posting, and hope that all is going well for you and yours during this wonderful season!

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