December Visiting Teaching Handout - My Divine Mandate

This is what I started with

 In trying to come up with a Visiting Teaching handout that I could put together quickly I was searchig my shelves. I only have two to make since we only have two ladies to visit. In scanning my shelves, I came across a small pile of notebooks purchased from a $1 store.

That's when the notebook idea came to me. I even knew what paper I wanted to use. I love Websters' papers and wanted to use some for this project.  And it came to me that I could use for the first time a prize I recently won from a challenge. Some digi prints!

The lesson being about the sphere of action in women's mandate to help others (since it's our nature to do so), I divided the notebook into three sections; Inspirational Quotes-to help us keep on track, What Can I Do For Myself-a section to take notes on helping oneself be the best they can be, and What Can I Do For Others-a section to write about what we can do for others to help them be their best. So here are the photos of the notebook.

So there you have it. Not too fancy, as I could have done a lot more to it, but good enough for a quick put-together. I would have liked to have had the time to do a better, more solid job, on the section dividers - to have the blue cardstock go all the way to the edge of the hole punched side like I did on the covers. It just takes too much time when you have to punch each hole seperatey and then cut with scissors into each hole so that it can wrap around each spiral.

Thank you for stopping by today in your busy schedule. All the best and happy days!

Oh my goodness! After posting, I noticed I spelled 'divine' incorrectly on the cover and didn't catch it! I'll see if I can hide my typo somehow and appologize to the receivers. I guess I was in too much of a hurry. I really don't like it when I make these kinds of mistakes!


Tigriswillreign said...

They look fabulous, Mom! And my highly developed senses didn't even catch the typo, thought I wasn't really looking. ;)

Unknown said...

Love how you altered the notebook. Gorgeous gift! TFS! ;o)